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{May 5, 2015}  

Anantya Putri Ardyafani / 4SA04 / 10611697
Tugas 3 Softskill Penerjemahan Berbantuan Komputer #
Complete Target Text

2. Translation Intrabahasa, Interlanguage, Intersemiotik
Resolving in the literature, there are several varieties translations ever proposed by the experts. The Variety-wide there are classified according to the type of system of signs are involved, the type of text to be translated, and also according to the process of translation and emphasis.
Roman Jakobson (1959: 234) distinguishes the translation into three types, namely intrabahasa translation, translation across languages, and translation intersemiotik.
The definition of intrabahasa translation is the conversion of a text into another text based on the interpretation of the translators. And these two texts written in the same language. So, when we write the poem Anwar, I, into prose in Indonesian, then we do the translation intrabahasa.
The second type of translation is a translation across languages. This type of translation is a translation in the real sense. In this type, the translator to rewrite the meaning of the source language text ayau idea into the target language text.
The latter is a kind translation intersemiotik. These types include the interpretation of a text into a form or another sign system. For example, the interpretation of the novel into a film work.


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