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{April 30, 2015}  

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Tugas 2 Softskill Penerjemahan Berbantuan Komputer #

Advantages and Disadvantages Machine Translation

1. Advantages and Disadvantages Trados


The advantages are that the translation is done faster helping understanding the content of original text.


The disadvantages are unknown sharing of the information and accuracy of translated material (text) depending on word ordering of original text.

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2. Advantages and Disadvantages Wordbee


Collaborative translation shortens the translation cycle, improving delivery times by 50% or better.

Quick implementation means that changing platforms isn’t what it used to be. Wordbee is the most powerful solution on the market, and no barrier prevents you from using it.

Wordbee automates document and translation setups, improving the initial management phase.

Wordbee helps you manage your internal and external suppliers, keep track of their specialty domains, and keep records about performance.


I used Wordbee once for a project on request of a customer and it was a disappointment for me. So I will not use it again.

Wordbee (cloud based only, so one needs to use one’s browser) is very simple to learn, due to it being rudimentary and thus not having all the features of a local PC CAT tool.

First the spell checker for QA turned out be buggy, not finding all errors and especiailly not finding accidentally entered ‘second letter’ caps.

Secondly, I could not upload my own TM and/or glossary to speed up my work. This is especially important with specialized translations where agencies are rarely able to provide an online TM or glossary that will be of help nor should they be expected to.

Thirdly, just from a production speed point of view (I timed this) using a browser (like one is forced to with a cloud only based tool like this) is very slow as compared to a PC based tool, slowing one down by 20-30%. So using Wordbee one has either adapt one’s rates or not get paid enough per hour. It may be different if one has a commercial high speed T-line connection, but most of us do not have that.

Fourth, for someone with diminished eye sight, Wordbee is almost unusable, since it works at a low resolution and vague colors inside the browser and also has too small fonts. A PC based tool will provide a much sharper interface all the time.

Fifth, when I provided my customer with a translated TM (after downloading the source from Wordbee to try work offline with my own PC based tool) the import was buggy. Wordbee failed to properly import all translations. It only did a partial import for no apparent reasons. That import had to be done by the translation agency, since, as a translator, there was no functionality available for me to import it myself. In the end the agency had to manually input (cut and paste!) my work.

Cloud-based Wordbee seems adequate as a tool for translation agency PMs to manage projects online in a quick and simple way, but it is not adequate as a CAT tool to fit all the needs of a translator. Unfortunately there is no PC based version of Wordbee to at least try to fill the missing requirements like other cloud based tools have made sure to provide.

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3. Advantages and Disadvantages Ginger


Ginger Translate is free translation software that offers language translation between forty languages. This cutting-edge translation tool allows you to express yourself naturally in many languages including Spanish, French, German, Japanese, and many others.

Simply choose a language and input the text you’d like the translation tool to transform. You can use this language translation software to communicate with others or to improve your own English skills.

With this free translation software, you will find it is simple to express yourself naturally in the language of your choice.

Download Ginger’s translation software for free. It’s fast and easy and you can start translating your text everywhere.

Ginger Translate has it all! With Translations between over 40 languages Ginger’s free translation software help you communicate with everyone, everywhere.


It cannot find errors in punctuation or sentence structure and does not explain the reasons behind errors. It does not identify plagiarism.

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4. Advantages and Disadvantages SDL


With over two decades of expertise, unequaled technology and coverage for over 200 languages, SDL helps you connect with customers in their native language and forge genuine brand experiences.

The industry’s first context engine ensures relevance is baked into every touchpoint throughout the buyer-to-advocate journey.

SDL provides the only global-ready customer engagement solution that creates a frictionless experience across marketing, sales and service.

SDL makes it easy to support—and unify—the multiple brands, websites, and languages you need to outperform competitors worldwide.


No official support from SDL Tridion – This is typically the points to discuss as what is not supported. DD4T in its entirety is not supported but even the out of the box Tridion templating is only supported for its integration and as a entity – Anything you write using even Tridion templates is not supported.

Not proven with Big Enterprise level website yet without performance hit – Partially true, and few big implementations are on the card. But just consider the fact that even (SDL’s official site) uses DD4T behind the scene.

With DD4T, the SDL Tridion will be treated only for managing the content and various website development capabilities of SDL Tridion will be shed down. The website changes can not be easily deployed by simply publishing from Tridion.

Minor website changes that could be taken care directly from CMS may require changes to be done in DD4T based code and may required to get deployed through the DTAP environment.

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5. Advantages and Disadvantages Systran


SYSTRAN’s hybrid machine translation engine combines the strengths of rule-based and statistical machine translation, thus merging the predictability and language consistency of rule-based MT with the fluency and flexibility of statistical MT to reach customer quality requirements.

SYSTRAN MT solutions are being used throughout the enterprise to improve multilingual communication both internally and externally and generate savings or new revenue opportunities.


A disadvantage that needs mentioning is the requirement for a stable Internet connection on the user’s mobile device. Since the SMS method of communicating with the translation server has proved less efficient that sending packets of data-because of the message length limit (160 characters) and the higher cost of SMS as compared with Internet traffic charges-Internet connectivity on mobile devices is a must, while coverage in some non-urban areas is still unstable.

Used to statistical



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