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{November 1, 2013}  

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Tugas 2 Kepariwisataan 2

2. Buat sebuah percakapan antara pemandu wisata dengan turis

Conversation Between Tour Guide With Tourist

City Tour To Yogyakarta

      One day there are three tourists coming from Australia. They want to go to Yogyakarta. They arrive at Jakarta airport at noon time.Then take a connecting flight to Yogya and arrive at Adi Sucipto airport one hour later. After taking luggage, they met with a tour guide. After that, immediately went for a walk.


Tour guide : We are ready to go for the tour now. We will visit Kraton first, the second silver handicraft and third on visit prambanan temple. Let’s go.

Tourist : Ok, let’s go

Tourist : How long does it take from here to the kraton?

Tour guide : It takes half an-hour from here.

Tourist : Oh, thisis going to bea funtrip. Okthank you
Tour guide : Yourwelcome. After half an – hour we arrived at Kraton. We will go around the building.
Tourist : What’s the function of Kraton?
Tour guide : Kraton is a symbol of ancient Javanese Culture and People unification.

Tourist : Oh, really?It’s amazing

Tour guide : Yeah right
Tour guide : After a while we continue to visit silver handicraft.
Tour guide : This is a famous silver handicraft we ever had In Indonesia.
Tourist : It’s amazing. I will have to buy some of products.
Tour guide : Sure, I hope you will like it very much.

Tourist : Ofcourse i like it. I love very much.
Tour guide : I think we have finished visiting the silver handicraft. It’s Time to go to Prambanan Temple. Prambanan Temple is situated betwen Yogya and Solo.We will take 1 Hour From here.

Tourist : Wow, Prambanan Temple quiet far. Ok, let’s go.
Tour guide : Finally, we arrived at Prambanan Temple. Prambanan Temple is the second largest and nicest temple in Indonesia. I hope you will like it.
Tourist : Ofcourse i like it. I love so much. Having visited all the three interesting places, we have Come to a conclusion that this trip really satisfied us.

Tourist : Thank you for being my tour guide. I am very happy today. Next time I am going on vacation to Yogyakarta again.

Tour guide : Yourwelcome. Ok, I will see youagain. Bye….

Tourist : Bye….



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