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Membuat tulisan jenis “Opini”

Types of Journalism Post: Opinion

The types of journalistic writing, journalistic texts, or journalistic writing can be divided into three types of writing, the news (news), opinions or views (views), and features. This time we discussed briefly about the kind of opinion writing (views).

Understanding Opinion

Opinion means an opinion or views (views). Journalism in the dictionary, posts commonly called opinionan opinion piece or article aloneis a work of journalism that contains the authors on an issue or event.

Types of Writing Opinion

The types of opinion writing in the mass media such as articles (article), field (column), an overview (essays), tajukrencana (editorial or opinion editorial), letters (letter to the editor), caricatures, and corner.

Fill Opinion Posts

Content of the writing of the author’s personal opinion based on facts or expressions of thought alone.

Structure Opinion Posts

         General structure of the opinion article / article: title (head), writers (by line), the opening post (opening), hooks (bridge), body text (body), and closing (closing).






 My Opinion About The Increase in Fuel

      More recently, the government of Indonesia will raise fuel prices by reducing fuel subsidies because of rising world oil prices. Calculations of the fuel subsidy was still being debated, there is no version of the government’s version of the opposition. Which is to be believed? , To this day I still believe the government version, because here the government is the direct perpetrators. Not that any of the opposition parties, but it should do the checking counter / cross check the data with the government on the ground. The government must also actively provide the response to cross check. With such a loop, it will obtain transparency, and increase people’s trust.

      Plan the government will raise fuel oil (BBM). The reason for government-subsidized fuel only enjoyed a handful of poor people and more widely enjoyed by the upper class society and industry.
      While the use of subsidized fuel quota higher than that set by the government. As a result, it cost the state to subsidize fuel simply swells.
Until this statement, the logic used is straight, but still keep the pattern of thought that has not been comprehensive. The logic that seemed straight apparently invited a million issues that should be considered by policy makers in this country.

Although SBY instructs uniform increase, however attractive the fuel subsidy needs to be thought wise, not just reckless interesting unsympathetic popularity.
       Therefore, the fuel price increase will impact quite extensive and whack all the people in this country.

My opinion:

Government is too quick in deciding the increase in fuel

I think this decision too quickly, without regard to the effects on the area. If only, from the beginning of 2012 the government announced it would raise the price of fuel, the area will certainly prepare its budget early and solutions to curb the increase, although the price would also go up first. Not just regional yes, the company also, so the company will take into account the company’s income in the early years and consider the possibility of employee salary increases. Not to mention the BLT solution, it is so obvious in a hurry.



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