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{October 14, 2013}  

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FDA: Ice Beverages, Snacks Schools Most Polluted Bacteria

      Jakarta intake of nutritious foods that are healthy and much needed child. However, in the midst of today’s modern lifestyle, not all parents have time directly oversee the food consumed her baby.

     Naturally, if the majority of children choose to buy snacks at school. In addition to the practical, interesting colors and shapes that trigger them love school snacks.

     Agency for Food and Drug Administration (FDA) through the RI findings say, that the quality of food snacks hygienic on school children is the biggest challenge that must be addressed.

     Surveillance survey snacks with 5,668 children in 2013 schools sample showed a decline in excess food additives. A decrease of 24 percent occurs in 2012, to 17 percent in 2013. But microbial contamination increased from 66 percent in the past year to 76 percent this time.

     Surprisingly, the results of the most contaminated product microbes or bacteria this year from the survey since 2009, are ice drinks are sold around the school area. 80 percent of the results of the study showed ice does not qualify.”

     Snacks ice, either syrup or jelly turns using the water source is not feasible. As a result of high bacteria content polluters. Iceice was not used to the food supply.”

     The use of ice cubes stirred meddle but still used as food. It is not a lot of people realize.” Microbiological contamination observed, is the content of E. coli, mold and kamir, and salmonella bacteria.

      That the use of food additives (BTP), such as artificial sweeteners, colorings, and preservatives in snacks is decreased by seven percent. Even so, the producers are also not pay attention to hygiene and sanitation while making food. So that food is produced, risky Esterichia coli bacteria.

    “The test results school snack products some of the most well BTP containing hazardous substances are not recommended or poor hygiene factors are ices that are sold on the side of school. They (sellers) may be less concerned about the cleanliness of the materials and processes used manufacture. “







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