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Membuat tulisan jenis “Feature”

Types of Writing Journalism: Feature

Types of Writing Journalism alias journalistic work can be divided into three, namely News, Feature, and Opinion. This time we discussed briefly about the types of feature writing.

Understanding Feature

Featurecalled typical bouquet ie papers or literature reports journalistic style (style of writing works of fiction such as short stories) that tells of events (story telling).

Easy understanding, it features short stories (short story), but the story actually happened (factual).

One feature definition according to English Dictionary is a newspaper or magazine article or a broadcast program dedicated to the treatment of a particular topic, typically at length(Oxford Dictionaries).

Contents Featured Posts

The contents of a text feature terms protrusion (angle) in a particular event. Usually you’ll enjoy is the element that contains terms of human interest, which gives emphasis on the facts that are considered able to arouse emotions of compassion, sympathy, joy, or even anger or annoyance.

     Unlike the news that puts the elements of information, featured more advanced elements of entertainment rather than information.

     Posts feature normally use “the word hue” (colorful word) to add to the posts. There is a “dramatization” in the text feature. For example, the word “cry” is replaced with “tears”.

The types of feature

The types of features such as feature news (news feature), feature article (feature article), tips (how to do it features), feature biographies, feature or adventure trips (travel notes), and so on.

Structure Featured Posts

Feature writing structure divided five sections, namely the title, terrace (feature lead), bridge (connecting line between lead and content), content (body), and closing (closing).

I Want To Be A Fashion Designer


ater after I graduated from the University Gunadarma, I want to go to school design. I want to go to design school, because I love to draw and design clothes according to what I want. In design school I am going to take the design of clothing. At school I would learn later design design clothes for three months. After I finished studying at design school, I’ll open my own business or work in the business not of others. If I have luck, I want to open my own business. I’d like to open a business in the field of fashion. I want to open a boutique. I have always wanted to have your own boutique. I’ll give the name of the store Anantya‘s Boutique. In my boutique  I am going to sell the Bag Large, Medium, Small, Sash, Backpacks, Wallets Large, Medium, Small, Shoes, Sandals, Shoes, Flat, Wedges, High Heels, Socks, Glasses, Glasses Pool, Hat, Dress, long, Short, Mini, Dress, Shirt, long Sleeve, Short Sleeve, Trousers, Shorts, Hot Pants, Jeans, Leggings, long Skirts, Short Skirts, Mini Skirts, Swimwear, Veil, Blazer, Vests, IMG-20121024-01241_1351140227677_nJackets, Belts , Mobile Bags, Make Up Bags, Perfumes, Kitek, Scarves, Bandana, Hair clips, Hair Rubber, Necklaces, Rings, earrings, Bracelets, Bracelet Foot, and Bros. I‘ll open a business in Jakarta. I will sell to all places, to other regions and abroad. All the items I wanted to sell, I want to design it myself. I will be looking for employees who can I trust and assistants that I can trust. But if indeed I have not been able to sustenance, I will be working for someone else. I would be a fashion designer. I will work as a great fashion designer, famous, and boast to everyone, especially to my parents. My dream and my goal to become a fashion designer. I would like to have your own design factory. I would like to have their own sewing machine. I want to have a lot of sewing machines. Have a nice wool yarn and lots of color. Having its own embroidery equipment and have the tools to make shoes, sandals, handbags, wallets, shirts, pants, skirts, veils, jewelry, bandanas, belts, sunglasses, and hats alone. I wanted to create a beautiful wedding gown and luxurious. I want to create a beautiful and fancy dress. I want to make stuff, I want tough stuff looks beautiful and luxurious. I would like to make a size up to 20 cm heels and wedges sizes up to 20 cm as well. I want to create clothes with a mix of beautiful colors, exotic, and elegance. I want to make clothes, shoes, bags, and wallets with a unique modelunique and nice things. I would sell my own design items with a standard price. Prices range 100.000-2.000.000 rupiah. I will be looking for female models and male models who are talented in the field, namely as a photographic model and catwalk models. I will be looking for a female model tall, slim body, sexy, white skin, and beautiful. I would look for a tall male model, his six pack, white skin, and handsome. I would look for a model of women and men 20-30 years of age. Models of women and men would tell me to use clothes, shoes, hats, handbags, belts, sunglasses, and jewelry that I design myself. I would look for sophisticated and creative photographers. I would like to have a male and female photographer. Because if the female model photo shoot ya a female photographer. If a male model photo photographer photographing ya man. So do not let things happen that are not desirable. I want to photographers who are smart, creative, sophisticated, and powerful. I want a picture of my modeling and design my own stuff on the cover of the magazine and in the magazine, the magazine that I have myself. I want to have the contents of the magazinemodeling and modeling my own stuff that I design. I want to have a catalog that content modelingmodeling and design my own stuff. I like modelingmodeling and design my own stuff in the popular magazines. And I‘d love to work with famous boutiquesI want design my own stuff can go into all the world, to the whole country. I want my boutiques everywhere. I want my boutique to be successful and famous. I want my boutique located in a very strategic place, so I know a lot of people boutiques. If you’ve known a lot of people, I boutiques can be very famous. I want my 2-story boutique and have a lot of fitting room. Color my boutique building, will I multiply the light blue color. I have a small mosque inside the boutique, bathrooms, cafeteria, and a fitting room. I want on the front page, right side, left side, and rear boutique was filled with plants. Many plants such as flowers and fruit trees. In my boutique valet parking available. So the guests who come to the boutiquIMG-20121024-01242_1351140317113_ne I do not need to park their own cars and motorcycles. So much easier for guests. I want every guest who come to the boutique and wanted me to be happy every day of my visit to the boutique. I want to make the guests who visit the boutique I became very happy and like to linger in my boutique.  Each month I will create a fashion show and following events that have anything to do with fashion. I would Constructing such a festive fashion show, because I would fill his show with models stuff that I had. And modelingmodeling that I have, will I spend on the event. I would Constructing my own design goods according to existing trends and the present. I will make the design of clothes, shirts, pants, skirts, veils, shoes, bags, and purses for adolescents and adults. I will make stuff I want in earnest. I will work in earnest. Because I was happy to work in the field of design, so I have to work in earnest. I am very happy to draw designs and patterns. I will sell my goods online system design itself and buyers can also directly come to my boutique. I want to find employees who can deliver the goods to the destination, which will be working to deliver the goods each home buyer. I want to have a lot of motorcycles and cars that can deliver the goods home for each buyer. And I want to have a truck pick up that much in order to deliver the goods from the factory to my boutique. I want to have a large and spacious boutique, the store unique shape of the building, in front of the boutique there is a wide yard and car parking and motorcycle parking areas. Inside the shop building my unique shape and unique model. Color of the shop building my colorful. I boutiques open at 07:00 AM to 9:00 PM. Come and see my boutique. Who buy through online, can be sent to each home buyer. And no shipping charges. The cost ranges from 5.000-20.000 rupiah delivery. Cost delivery according to how far away the location of the home buyer. We can send to the region, outside the region, and overseas. We can send the goods to the buyer by express. Fashion is a general term for a popular style or practice, especially in clothing, footwear, accessories, makeup, body piercing or furniture. “Fashion” refers to a distinctive; however, often-habitual trend in a look and dress up of a person, as well as to prevailing styles in behavior. “Fashion” usually is the newest creations made by designers and are bought by only a few number of people; however, often those “fashions” are translated into more established trends. The more technical term, “costume,” has become so linked in the public eye with the term “fashion” that the more general term “costume” has in popular use mostly been relegated to special senses like fancy dress or masquerade wear, while the term “fashion” means clothing generally, and the study of it. For a broad cross-cultural look at clothing and its place in society, refer to the entries for clothing, costume, and fabrics. The remainder of this article deals with clothing fashions in the Western world.





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