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1.     Membuat tulisan jenis “News”

Types of Writing Journalism : News

     Types of Writing Journalism alias journalistic work can be divided into three , namely News , Feature , and Opinion . This time Communication Practical will talk briefly about the kind of writing in the form of news journalism ( news) .

Understanding News

News ( news) is reporting events such as exposure to facts and data about the event .

Elements News

      Elements of fact that are reported to include 5W +1 H : What ( What happens ) , Who ( Who actors or people involved in the incident ) , Why ( why it happened ) , When ( When it happens ) , Where ( Where did it happen ) , and How ( How is it happened ) .

Types News

      There are several known types of news in the world of journalism , including news direct ( straight news ) , news -depth (depth news) , news opinion (opinion news) , and news photos.

Structure News

       The structure consists of writing the title ( head ) , row date ( deadline ) , terrace news (lead ) , and the news content (body ) . News content is appreciating the fact that the events (news value) , the actual , factual , important , and interesting .

Principle Writing News

       Put forward the principles of writing among other important facts ( mode inverted pyramid , inverted pyramid ) , did not mixing fact and opinion , and balanced ( balance , covering both side ) .



 Pull the 2014 Election to Former Bureaucrat Political Maelstrom

BERITAJAKARTA.COM — 24-08-2013 14:36

      List of candidates remain (DCT) has announced the 2014 General Election General Election Commission (KPU), Friday (23/8). Besides enlivened candidates from pure politicians and artists, this election also increasingly enlivened the former bureaucrat. Those who had been struggling in government affairs and legislative partner, are now trying their luck to be a legislator who has a supervisory function (monitoring), budget (budgeting), and legislation.

      Can they play a new role in the political maelstrom? Or rather they just be stuck in a political maelstrom that it can not bring any positive changes.    

      Political observers of the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI), Siti Zuhro rate, such as a political phenomenon is considered attractive and quite powerful than just being a bureaucrat. According to him, the phenomenon occurs because nowadays people want power. So this looks interesting political power in some circles. Even the bureaucrats were keen to participate in this five-year window.

      According to Siti, new phenomena occur in this election exchanges. Since direct elections in 1999 to 2009 this phenomenon has not occurred. At three times the direct elections, only the artists, entrepreneurs, professionals, and the media are entering the world of politics. But in the 2014 election, the bureaucrats too interested.

It is said Siti, if calculated from the current democratic elections in 1998 and 1999, no visible civil servants (PNS) who are interested in political parties. Even the 2004 and 2009 elections as well be invisible. The new phenomenon seen in this year’s election.    

     “I see this phenomenon increasingly clear, however, that the democracy that we conducted since 1999, has led to an extreme party is pretty tempting, good for artists, entrepreneurs, professionals, and even the media. There is interest from various groups, including the current bureaucrats, “Siti said, Friday (23/8).

       Affirmed Siti, now people want power. By becoming a politician considered to be in power, as a legislator. While the time being they are just as executor bureaucrats alone. “It’s interesting politics. Due arguably the politics of power. People that want power. Politics with it, his power interests can be realized. They can execute through regulation, supervision. Symptoms politics turned out interesting. Due to the ruling,” he said.

      However, he warned that if the bureaucrats as well as politicians. So a bureaucrat-turned to the legislative, just undress, namely from the executor to legislators. But the legislature is certainly more powerful because they are formulating a law. Based on contemporary political science, legislative showed more powerful than the executive.

But, if you look at the positive side, then this movement can improve the quality of human resources (HR) in the legislature. So far, though has been supported by a staff of experts considered the ability of the people’s representatives are still lacking.

     “Actually, in that context, for example secretary (secretary area) a member of the board is quite good, because HR councilors in the parliament needs to be improved. When having to deal with the draft legislation on a range of areas such as spatial and urban planning, the necessary expertise. Impact so positive, “he said.

As is known, some bureaucrats in Jakarta Provincial Government resigned to become a candidate. One of them is former Secretary of DKI Jakarta, Fadjar Panjaitan, who has resigned since April 2013, because the candidates running for the House of Representatives of the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI-P). Then West Jakarta Mayor Burhanuddin also resigned and the following exchange from the City Council candidates Gerindra.

       Former West Jakarta Mayor Djoko Ramadhan, who retired earlier also will fight as City Council candidates to number 6 from the Democratic Party to electoral districts (constituencies) IX Jakarta. However, in the final seconds of his name removed from the list of City Council candidates by the Election Commission (KPU) DKI Jakarta, because it was judged to have violated the terms of the administration. Because, Djoko Ramadhan is still serving as the Head of the Supervisory Board at the Regional Owned Enterprises (enterprises) Regional Water Company (PDAM) Jaya. In addition, he also has not submitted the form BB 4. Additionally, Shukri Bey who had retired from civil service with his last position as Head of Regional Financial Management Agency (BPKD) is also listed as the number 1 House of Representatives candidate from the electoral district Gerindra West Sumatra II.









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