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Tugas 1 Kewirausahaan #                  Anantya Putri Ardyafani

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1. Mencari data dan identifikasi wirausaha dan UKM

Jawab :

1. Indonesia Young Entrepreneurs Success– Reza Nurhilman (AXL)

Indonesia’s successful young entrepreneur is a person attached to a familiar Nurhilman Reza called AXL”. The hard work and incredible innovation makes a phenomenal product and a scene in Indonesia. Market dibidikpun marketing unique and innovative, it is to keep track of the days that utilize social networking twitter for pkeberadaan information media products.

Successful young businessman is the dream of many teenagers in Indonesia. Hopefully the story of Reza Nurhilman business trip can inspire us all, and the burn our passion for selling and entrepreneurial endeavors. Its hopes of eventually making the creation of thousands of young entrepreneurs and independent nation because the name could help employment opportunities for the people of Indonesia. Let’s look more travel stories Reza Nurhilman (AXL) to be a successful young businessman.

profil pengusaha sukses indonesia

Reza Nurhilman (AXL)

Successful leaders take advantage of marketing through Social Media
Owner Biodata Maicih:
1) Name: Reza Nurhilman
2) Call: Axl
3) TTL: Bandung, 29 September 1987
4) Address: Jl.Padaringan 40 A, Complex KPAD, Gegerkalong,
5) Education: SMPN 1 Cimahi 2002
SMAN 2 Bandung 2005
Univ. Maranatha Christian, Jur Management 2009

Product Profile

1. Spicy cassava chips (level 3,5,10)
2. Baso Fried
3. Gurilem
4. Seblak

Business Profile

With Tagline: “For Ichiher With Love” maicih want tampul close to his fans, always spoiling fans throughout the archipelago with quality taste.

Initial Business:

· Beginning in mid-2010
· With a capital of 15 million
· Production of 50 packs per day
· Variants start out chips and gurilem
· Producing level 1 to level 5
· Marketed by roving

Maicih Present

· Make up to level 10 variants
· Demand is very high consumer
· Production capacity up to now 2000 packs / day
· Turnover per month 800-900 million (± 30 jt / day)
· Have 20’s generals as a marketer
· Marketing in Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, etc. through general
· Production Employee owned the 30’s

Not even a year, ‘chips devil’ iconic branded snack Maicih phenomenal in Bandung. Bak spellbound, this time a lot of people who are curious about this one spicy snacks. The figure behind the success Maicih is Reza Nurhilman or akran called Axl. Male 23 years old this is finding chips recipe from a grandmother-figure nenek.Axl meets-Mother Mother (grandmothers) who did have pepper crisps or chips recipe that tastes good devils. Mother Mother-figure is not named Maicih. Axl himself made that name to be more eccentric and memorable people. -Mother Mother figure is identical to the icihan. He always wore ciput use. His real name is not Mak Icih, let alone so eccentric Maicih name. Axl meeting with The Mother took place about 3 years ago in the area Cimahi. According to Axl, Mother does not sell chips commercially ghost. The chips produced only at certain moments. So in 2010.

The key to success in business is done Axl lies in how he thinks “out of the box”. it turns out it does prove effective with his current venture deeply into the subject of conversation among young people. People are curious to try out what it maicih, heralded people on twitter. Axl successful societal because thanks to his perseverance and confidence in business he would run. Being successful is the duty and right of every person. Critical success might not come alone, but through a persistent struggle to give up. A failure is very reasonable, the failure does not mean he’s being a total failure, but in fact there is wisdom behind all of that is success.

Marketing Strategy

This is the point where done with maicih successful marketing strategies out of the box. Axl use technology today is a media twitter and Facebook. Axl accidentally make exclusive product for people curious. He did not open a store like most sellers, but sold by the media using twitter as the location where the general information (agents) maicih hung peddle wares.

Marketing the product is different from other Bandung unique snack. Potential customers can only find out where Maicih haunts every day through the microblogging site Twitter. Every day @ InfoMaicih will let you know where the product can be obtained Maicih. Maicih marketing team called the General, will sell products Maicih at certain locations. Starting from campus, office or other public places. In short, nothing lasts forever as a place to buy products Maicih. They are always mobile according to the position of the generals. A fairly unique way of marketing is proven to boost Maicih name in the world of twitter. Many are curious as to what products Maicih because Twitter users read bersliweran chirp each time. And usually those who have felt the devil chips Maicih certainly would tericih-icih alias spiciness.

That makes this product different from marketing products other products
Twitter Ma Icih
. Only by campaigning through social media twitter, Maicih, spicy chips brand from Bandung, managed to conquer the hearts of the Icihers. In fact, not a few of those who want to up grade to “General” Maicih. In effect, only one and a half years, Maicih turnover reaching Rp 7 billion per month. How do I make Maicih Republican urban young people in the country could “tericih-icih”?

Who the hell are not familiar with Maicih know? It loh, spicy chips from Bandung who is now happening at the moment “crazy-gilai” youth. “Not if you do not know the slang and tried it Maicih until tericih-icih (crazy-ed),” he disclosed the icihers, called for fans Maicih chips. Ruar ordinary indeed. In the last week, for example, no fewer than 3800 conversations on Twitter talking Maicih.

Yes, the one that makes it unique from Maicih is a name or term that is thrown Maicih management when communicating with customers and potential customers through Twitter. There’s “Mother” (grandmother) for making crisps Maicih and “grandson” to consumers. Then, there is a “General” for resellers, “Icihers” slang term Maicih fans, “Republican Maicih” to management, to the term “tericih-icih” to describe Maicih addicted to spiciness.

Since its launch late June 2010, the chips Maicih has become one of the hot issues and phenomenal among urban youth, particularly cyberspace surfers. Understand it, how to market the chips Maicih really different to other spicy chips-which in fact had already been circulated in Bandung. “Initially we marketed three variants Maicih, chips, seblak, and gurilem, through networks of friends and family,” said Reza Nurhilman, owner and President Chip Maicih familiarly called Axl (read: Axel).

Through social networking, Axl tries to create issues or word of mouth (WOM). One of them, the level of spiciness chips. “The chips we jajakan have different levels of spiciness. Starting from level one to five, and straight to level 10 the highest level of spiciness, “he continued.

As a result, such differentiation, the product was positively responded by the ring of kinship Axl. They also did not hesitate to endorse chips chirp Maicih through their respective twitter accounts. Two months on, the demand for level three and five jumped sharply. Therefore, the production of chips were propagated for over two levels.

Seeing the effectiveness of chirping friends in cyberspace, so Axl decided to focus only communicate via twitter @ infomaicih, facebook # maicih, and site. Explained Axl, number of followers Maicih now has reached more than 354 thousand, while the number reached 49,000’s fanpage.

To that end, do not expect you’ll find physical outlets Maicih. “We are deliberately not establish physical outlets. From the operational cost is very high. And most importantly, physical outlets to create brand Maicih interaction with consumers, “said Axl reasoned.

So, how Maicih communicated and sold? Apparently, Maicih had a series of “generals”-a term for troops Maicih seller or reseller. General tersebutlah served twitter twitter account on their sites which will be visited by a car carrying Maicih for chips sold. And, each day visited the location to move, aka nomad.
The concept of selling nomads actually tickled the curiosity apparently triggering consumer enthusiasm. In effect, not a few young kids just waiting for the chirp of the generals hope Maicih plus campus locations or their homes can be visited Maicih car.
Through the concept of nomads, Axl explained, “We want to reach our first mission, which is to create pride within that consumers can consume Maicih. In fact, had the prestige, if it could be icihers. “That means, if you do not know and try Maicih, arguably they are not in the category of” associate “.

Now, following the mission of Axl and his friends are creating a general prestige of the profession. Being a general Maicih definitely not easy. Selection is very strict. “There are three batches that we offer to prospective generals,” he added. The third batch was distinguished by spending Maicih chips.
For the first batch, the value of the Generals spending at least $ 5 million per week. Batch two, the value of the product Maicih spending at least $ 10 million per week. While the third batch, a new category, a minimum purchase value of Rp 100 million per week. “The generals are free to innovate in marketing products Maicih,” said Axl.
In addition to spending requirements, the most important is the general Maicih candidate should come to London for the interview, and follow the Academy of General Maicih. “There, prospective general in-training about team work, innovation, character building, and other soft skills. In short, the general candidates must be able to be Independent Bussiness Owner (IBO), “said Axl.

Do not be surprised, if the generals Maicih innovative thinking required for effective ways to market Maicih chips in their respective areas. “We do not support funding a dime for the Generals. They themselves must be able to build your brand and market Maicih in their respective areas, “he added.
Axl example, Cirebon area has different characteristics from Jakarta. In Cirebon, highly effective remote communication using the medium of radio. Thus, in general there was working with a number of local radio talk show to roll around Maicih. While in Jakarta, when Axl invited to attend one of these programs and Trans7 Metro TV, direct Maicih booming demand. “Different again with Bekasi. Approach there it should be a personal nature, “he said.

The hard work of the generals, who are young people born in the 80’s-it was useless. Now, Maicih has reached across Indonesia, from Aceh to Papua. In fact, Maicih also reaching overseas. Call it Japan and Singapore. Not surprisingly, with an initial capital of only Rp 15 million, turnover now Maicih swell. Per month, turnover Maicih-spending chips obtained from the generals-have penetrated Rp 7 billion.

“For the general batch two, not a spending their weekly Rp 200 million to Rp 300 million. Highest contribution is still in big cities such as Jakarta, Surabaya, Yogyakarta and Semarang, “he admitted.
So, the success Axl on his second mission: to build a general Maicih prestige? The answer, obviously succeeded. This is evidenced by the flood of young children who want to be generals Maicih. “In one day, more than a thousand people who want to register as a general Maicih. And, some of the young artists who have become generals Maicih, “said Axl.

However, Axl claimed can not arbitrarily accept the generals. Because, in the hands of the generals was the reputation and brand Maicih fate hung. In addition to the reseller, the generals also a talker as well as a brand endorser Maicih. Therefore, the selection of the Generals made very tight. “In addition to having the mindset Independent Bussiness Owner and General Maicih Academy graduate, we would prioritize the areas that are still empty of players and has a potential market,” he explained.

Having successfully dealt in social networking and covered a lot of electronic media, print, and online, recognized Axl, Maicih from the arrival of competitors. In the region of origin in London, no less than 30 brand-chips with a similar-type variant began to aggressively market their products.

Therefore, Axl claimed, could not stay silent. In the near future, right at the beginning of 2012, Axl revealed, “We will be re-packaging and launched a new variant, seblak cheese.” If current packaging Maicih still looks amazing, even seem old school (ancient-red), next year will immediately changed. To re-packaging and the launch of the new variant, this time Axl and the team concept was brewing its events.

Not enough, Republic Maicih will be far more aggressive become speaker in the seminar or workshop, a speaker in the electronic media, print, and online, to hold a corporate social responsibility program. In fact, to show that Maicih is the pioneer, did not hesitate to put up billboards Maicih Maicih Republican on the board Bilboard grand in Bandung. (Dwi Wulandari – MIX-MarketingCommunications Magazine, December 2011)

The results of the marketing of chips “MAICIH”

Product Maicih collaboration Reza (owner of chips “MAICIH”) and his friends with the locals. Residents in a village in Bandung, West Java, to make these chips helped a number of people. Mrs. Ade, Reza was appointed a partner maicih home production. They figure out how to package a range of traditional village in order to grade. Thanks professionally packaged marketing method where buyers seeking haunts chips, Mrs. Ade experience significant changes. Sales were formerly only 100 seeds but now that has partnered with maicih, a day now to 2,000 per pack. Within a month bagged turnover could reach Rp 800 million to Rp 900 million. Where a day, could reach $ 30 million profit.

Behind the success story Maicih

Chips are often labeled as spicy food village. This popular product is usually easily found in shops and sold at retail. However, some spicy chips which can be ordered via the social networking Twitter or Facebook. Reza Nurhilman, juggling ordinary into chips crisps spicy spicy sought by many consumers. With brand Maicih, Reza production chips are loved by London society, especially young people.

Maicih brand name is taken from the story of the past is always remembered him, “Maicih was born when I was a kid. Usually, when my mom brought to the market, there are like old ladies wearing clothes ciput with spurious. Every shopping him ngeluarin wallet, bonuses from the gold shop zipper to enter your dime. My mama told you it Maicih wallet “.

Ungkapnya.Beberapa years ago, he met mothers whose figure resembles Maicih in memory. Middle-aged mothers whose traditional clothes makes crispy spicy seasoning. Then he was inspired to create a brand Maicihdan apparently other people like it very much, because the eccentric and unique.

Maicih able to produce 75 thousand packs per week. In all variants of the chips, jeblak, gurilem. And, always exhausted. He set the price maicih Bandung area, level chips 3-5, gurilam and jeblak was Rp11 thousand, to a level 10 chips Rp15 thousand. Outside London, the level chips 3-5, gurilam and jeblak Rp15 thousand, a level 10 was Rp18 thousand.
Choosing a spicy flavor due to the addictive effect it a try. However, consumers do not need to worry because the composition Maicih not use preservatives and can be durable to eight months. Maicih spicy flavor from the herb of choice and fresh chili. And the product is very good for health, heart function, and detoxification. The chips are also delicious eaten Maicih use rice, or mixed in lotek, boiled noodles. Maicih better when combined with other foods.

Initially, marketing Maicih through friends are bertestimoni in social media twitter. Then he focused on marketing. “Those who have felt Maicih have testimonials respectively. So, I do not have tired of the campaign. With Twitter, promotional snow globe, continues to grow. “He says. Marketing reasons only through Twitter and Facebook. In addition, free promotion on Twitter can be a gong for marketing force is made of people who buy Maicih. People who do not know Maicih be asked and they are nge-tweet about Maicih will enthusiastically explain.
The strategy was a success. Keripiknya a prey item. Consumers have to queue for hours to get their chips superpedas it. In fact, the line had stretched up to one kilometer. They were willing to queue despite a rainstorm. In each city as well ngantre. The generals now have fans and their communities.

Early time, he was still wearing the system of cash on delivery (COD), though he would usher in a pack. At that time, he believes, “Now I am chasing-chasing consumers, but later a time-chasing consumers who pursue me.” And, now proven. Because marketing is addicted.
He did not have a lot of employees, in terms of the workers themselves to about 10 people including the packing, cooking, seasoning maker, and distribution. More agents, called general maicih. He made the language of marketing with different shades make it more interesting. According to him, if I he said, “yes, these agents maicih,” seem less cool. If called agents, such as oil and less selling agent. Not intended mendeskritkan diluaran work there. Called generals that its value increases, because the product I just chips. We also have a transport minister, who held the distribution channels and sales to other islands. He seemed to want to build their own empire.

Requirements to become a general who became generals selected that have good intellectual and competent. In terms of human resources, we do not just accept the general origin, but there is an interview process and training. They have the best quality. General is not an employee but business partners. They bought a license for a business license. Thus the term, they are a distributor or an authorized agent who sells chips Maicih. So it could be justified.

Because many of the name or the name Maicih maicih a way that is not good. Many consumers are harmed because fooled. While the original was only maicih diinfokan the twitter account @ infomaicih and sold only by the generals.
Training generals around caracter building, knowledge, attitudes, and how to respond to consumer business. Because, they do not only sell chips, but also education. He himself often sharing knowledge in training. By following the training they will be prepared to become entrepreneurs in terms of mental health. They are not only selling off, but also practically independent bussiness owner (IBO). So, was the owner in his town Maicih respectively. And every month he and his generals evaluate sales by organizing events.

Hope the future, he wants not only marketing nationally but go international. Now came to Singapore and Japan. But the system still post, generals of the workers there.
Young people should be much more confident. If you want to pursue something must be consistent and enthusiastic. We have to believe and if we have the spirit of the ideals and goals. To get to the top of it is not easy, not as easy as turning the palm of the hand, but when we pursue with confidence and trust, will be fulfilled.

His name is flying in the virtual world thanks to a marketing strategy through social networks Twitter. Fame spicy chips Maicih cause curiosity for those who have not tried, and taste for those already hooked. Maicih want to raise hawker village to be ‘first class. Wrap keripiknya when it was still a simple, plain without logo sablonan. Whatever the number of orders of chips, she would take her own. Initially, Axl market Maicih spicy chips with five levels or levels of spiciness, ranging from level 1 to 5. After two months, the market test indicates that the chip level 3 and 5 are the most in demand. Now, that’s two-level mass-produced chips.

January 2011, Maicih back innovate by creating chips Maicih special edition, level 10. There are those who feel challenged, well, level 5 was less spicy and looking for more. Thanks to clever marketing innovation, now Maicih produced about 2,000 packs per day for all product variants. He gave the price of a pack keripiknya Rp11 thousand. Axl also had a bit of luck, can win a day’s profits between R1, 5 million to $ 2 million. Of course, if the income is greater than the salary of the minister even on my level officials. Axl dream to continue popularizing Maicih was unsparing. Marketing outside the city will be given priority. Because in Bandung is quite happening, so we’re going out of town, outside the island, even abroad. We are familiar with the idea Sumedang, Bandung with peuyeum. Axl wants Bandung also known as the hometown of Maicih.

In May 2011, the exact date is 07 May 2011 maicih seblak newest product launch, a kind of spicy crackers flat, with variants of different levels. Axl will continue its innovation but does not leave the hallmark raised snack to class and lower class people interested. The possibility of the future will emerge other products are more innovative anymore.

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