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Brave Entertainment

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Brave Entertainment
Brave Entertainment Logo (2).jpg
Type Public
Industry Music & Entertainment
Genre K-pop
Founded February 2008
Founder(s) Kang Dong Chul
Headquarters Seoul, South KoreaDangyung Building 74-3 Nov Nonhyundong Gangnam-gu
Key people Kang Dong Chul
Products Music & Entertainment
Services Music & Entertainment
Subsidiaries Brave Sound
Website Official Brave Sound

Brave Entertainment is a South Korean record label, founded in 2008 by Brave Brothers. [1]



[edit] Company

Brave Entertainment was founded in 2008 by Kang Dong Chul after he left YG Entertainment to search for a new goal. [2] Brave Entertainment’s Brave Brothers has collaborated with Starship Entertainment when it was revealed that he produced Sistar‘s debut song “Push Push” [3] and has been producing songs for them, including their hit song,”So Cool”.[4]

[edit] Current Roster

[edit] Brave Sound artists

  • Brave Brothers – The main producer, founder and rapper. He was a producer for YG Entertainment between 2004 and 2008 before leaving to start his own company.[5][6][7][8]
  • Brave Girls – A five member K-pop girl group. [9]
  • Electro Boyz – A Hip-hop trio. [10]

[edit] Former

  • Park Kyung Rok – Currently a producer at OWL Production since 2010. He was also a producer at JYP Entertainment in 2007.[11]

[edit] See also

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