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Starship Entertainment

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Starship Entertainment
Starship Entertainment Logo.jpg
Founder Kim Shi Dae (CEO)
Genre K-pop, R&B
Country of origin  South Korea
Location Seoul, South Korea
Official Website Official Website
Starship Entertainment
Hangul 스타쉽 엔터테인먼트
Revised Romanization Seutasuib Enteoteinmeonteu
McCune–Reischauer Sŭt‘ashwip Entʻŏtʻeinmŏntʻŭ
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Starship Entertainment is a South Korean record label. It is currently consisting of girl group Sistar, ballad singer K.Will, Lee Hyun Ji, Moon Ji Eun, Kim Da Ye and boy group Boyfriend. [1] [2] [3] [4]



[edit] History

[edit] Sistar

On March 18, Starship Entertainment revealed their new girl group through Céci when they modeled for FUBU and stated they will create a new culture code. Their girl group would be for age range of 10 through 20. [5] Sistar released their debut single “Push Push” on June 3. [6]

[edit] Restrictions

Sistar appeared on Golden Fishery’s Radio Star and was questioned about the restrictions within the company. Bora clarified about a rumor that Starship Entertainment didn’t care if they were dating. She stated that the company asked not to date, however if they couldn’t resist then it was prefer they dated top stars. [7][8]

[edit] K.Will

Before joining Starship Entertainment, he was once with Big Hit Entertainment since 2006 until leaving them in 2008. K.Will released the single “Love 119” on December 2. [9]

[edit] Current Roster

[edit] See also

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