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SISTAR performing at the Daejon University Festival.
Background information
Origin South KoreaSeoul, South Korea
Genres K-pop, Pop, R&B, Hip Hop
Years active 2010 – present
Labels Starship Entertainment
Associated acts SISTAR19 (Sub-Unit), Hello Baby Season 4 (with Super Junior‘s Leeteuk)
Website Starship Entertainment (Profile)
Korean name
Hangul 씨스타
Revised Romanization Ssiseuta
McCune–Reischauer Ssisŭt‘a
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SISTAR (Hangul: 씨스타, also stylized as SiSTAR) is a four-member South Korean girl group under the management of Starship Entertainment. The members are: Hyorin, Bora, Soyu and Dasom.[1] [2] [3] On June 3, they released their debut single “Push Push” and made their debut on Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) Music Bank. On August 25, they released their second single “Shady Girl” featuring Super Junior’s Heechul and followed up with “How Dare You” on November 29 of 2010. On May 5, Hyorin and Bora made their debut in a sub-group called Sistar19 on M! Countdown with “Ma Boy”. The group made their return with their first official album titled So Cool on August 9.



[edit] History

[edit] Pre-Debut

Hyorin had auditioned twice for JYP Entertainment beforehand and was accepted on the second try. She was initially planned to debut in a trio group along with miss A’s Min and Secret’s Jieun. Plans, however, fell and she was dropped from the label. She later auditioned for Starship and was accepted. Soyu auditioned for Starship, singing a cover of Navi’s “On The Road”.[citation needed] Sistar made their first appearance through a Céci magazine photo in England shoot on March 19, 2010 for the clothing company FUBU. [4]

[edit] 2010: Debut – Push Push, Shady Girl & How Dare You

The MV teaser for their debut song “Push Push” was released on June 1, 2010.[5] Two days later, on June 3, 2010, Starship released the full music video for Push Push.[6] Sistar had their debut performance at Music Bank on June 4.[7] The group wrapped up promotions for their Push Push on July 26.

The group released their 2nd single “Shady Girl” on August 25, 2010. The MV teaser was released on August 24, 2010 and the full music video was released a day later. The MV also features Super Junior‘s member Kim Heechul. [8][9] At this time Sistar were beginning to do international advances, performing in other Asian countries. On September 14, Sistar were invited to perform in Japan’s “Hallyu Music Festival” as the only Korean girl group present. On October 10, Sistar also made their debut in Thailand, performing their hit songs “Push Push” and “Shady Girl” on Thailand’s “Teen Superstar” show.

The teaser for “How Dare You” was released on November 23, with the full music video planned to be released one day after. However, the border skirmish between North and South Korea at Yeonpyeong caused the music video to be pushed back almost a week. The full music video was finally released on December 2. “How Dare You” swept the music charts and was ranked at #1 on various music sites such as MelOn, Mnet, Soribada, Bugs, Monkey3, and Daum Music. On December 9, 2010, the group attended the Golden Disk Awards, being awarded with Newcomer Award. On December 17, 2010, Sistar won the Music Bank award for their song “How Dare You”. [10]

[edit] 2011: SISTAR19 & So Cool

SISTAR wrapped up their final rounds of “How Dare You” promotions in mid-January. On April 27, it was announced that SISTAR will be debuting a sub-unit, SISTAR19 with members Hyorin and Bora. [11] The teaser for their debut song “Ma Boy” was released on April 29, 2011 [12] , and the full music video on May 2, 2011. [13] They released their digital single, titled “Ma Boy”, on May 3. [14] Sistar19 had their debut performance on M! Countdown on May 5, 2011.[citation needed]

On July 31, it was reported that SISTAR would be returning with their first official album on August 9th, titled “So Cool“. In addition to the news, it was also reported that member Soyu lost 8kg (roughly 17.6 lbs.) in preparation for their comeback. Starship Entertainment stated that “fans can look forward to a more charismatic side of SISTAR“. [15] [16] On September 11, they won on Inkigayo beating out Davichi (“Dont Say Goodbye”), Infinite (“Be Mine Remix”), Dal Shabet (“Bling Bling“), Nine Muses (“Figaro”), G.NA (“Top Girl“) and CS Numbers (“Crying With My Heart“) in the ‘Take 7’ nominees. [17]

[edit] Members

Stage Name Birth Name Birthday Position
Bora (Hangul: 보라) Yoon Bo-ra (Hangul: 윤보라) January 30, 1990 (1990-01-30) (age 21) Main Rapper, Vocalist, Main and Lead Dancer
Hyorin (Hangul: 효린) Kim Hyo-jung (Hangul: 김효정) January 11, 1991 (1991-01-11) (age 20) Leader, Main Vocalist,
Soyu (Hangul: 소유) Kang Ji-hyun (Hangul: 강지현) February 12, 1992 (1992-02-12) (age 19) Lead Vocalist
Dasom (Hangul: 다솜) Kim Da-som (Hangul: 김다솜) May 6, 1993 (1993-05-06) (age 18) Vocalist, Maknae, Visual

[edit] Discography

[edit] Albums

Year Album details Peak
2011 So Cool


[edit] Single Albums

Album # Album information Tracklisting
1st “Push Push”

  • Released: June 3, 2010
  • Length: 10:24
  • Language: Korean
  • Labels: Starship Entertainment
  1. “Here We Come” – 1:02
  2. “Push Push” – 3:07
  3. “Oh Baby” – 3:08
  4. “Push Push (Inst.)” – 3:07
2nd “Shady Girl”

  • Released: August 25, 2010
  • Length: 10:41
  • Language: Korean
  • Labels: Starship Entertainment
  1. “Drop The Beat” – 1:10
  2. “Shady Girl” – 3:15
  3. “I Don’t Want A Weak Man” – 3:01
  4. “Shady Girl (Inst.)” – 3:15
3rd “How Dare You”

  • Released: November 29, 2010
  • Length: 10:10
  • Language: Korean
  • Labels: Starship Entertainment
  1. “Mighty SISTAR” – 0:41
  2. “Over” – 3:19
  3. “How Dare You” – 3:05
  4. “How Dare You (Inst)” – 3:05

[edit] Singles

Year Title Peak positions Album
Billboard K-pop Hot 100
“Push Push” 9 Push Push
“Shady Girl” 4 Shady Girl
“How Dare You” 2 How Dare You
2011 “Ma Boy” (SISTAR19) 2
“So Cool” 1 1 So Cool
“Hot Place” (Samsung Mobile Shop Single) 10 38

[edit] Filmography

[edit] Reality/Variety Shows

Year Show Starring Member(s) Notes Episode
2010 Let’s Go Dream Team! Season 2 Bora Episode 44
Bora and Hyorin Episode 53
Bora and Soyu Episode 55
Invincible Youth Bora Substituting for Goo Hara and Narsha Episode 54
2011 Star King (TV series) Hyorin, Bora, Soyu and Dasom Episode 196
Episode 197
Episode 198
Episode 199
Bora, Hyorin Episode 200
Hyorin, Bora, Soyu and Dasom Episode 202
Bora, Hyorin, Soyou Episode 203
Episode 204
Hyorin, Bora, Soyu and Dasom Episode 207
Episode 208
Episode 210
Soyou, Bora, Dasom Episode 212
Let’s Go Dream Team! Season 2 Bora Couples: Bora and Jinon (F.Cuz) Episode 71
Bora and Hyorin Couples: Bora and Lee Sang In, Hyorin and Jinon (F.Cuz) Episode 74
Bora Couples: Bora and Kim Ji Nyeon Episode 77
Immortal Song 2 Hyorin Original cast member
Let’s Go Dream Team! Season 2 Bora and Dasom Couples: Bora and Kim Dong Jun (ZE:A), Dasom and CAP (Teen Top) Episode 86
Episode 92
Happy Together Season 3 Hyorin Appeared along with label-mate members Youngmin and Kwangmin (Boyfriend) Episode 202
Leeteuk and SISTAR’s Hello Baby Hyorin, Bora, Soyu and Dasom Raising 15-month old toddler, Kim Kyu Min.
Invincible Youth 2 Bora G8 member
Dream High 2 Hyorin Hyorin’s drama debut

[edit] Music Videos

Year Music video Length
2010 “Push Push” 3:25
“We Never Go Alone” 2:23
“Chronos Sword” 3:39
“Shady Girl” 3:39
“How Dare You” 3:25
2011 “Ma Boy” 3:28
“So Cool” 3:24
“Hot Place” 3:28
“Pink Romance” 3:30

[edit] Awards

Year Award Category Result Ref
2010 Cyworld Digital Music Awards Rookie of the Month “Won” [20]
17th Republic of Korea Entertainment Arts Awards Group Singers Won [21]
25th Golden Disk Awards Yepp Newcomer Won [22]
2011 20th Seoul Music Awards Best Newcomer Won [23]
3rd Melon Music Awards Top 10 Won [24]
2011 Korea Lifestyle Awards Best Style Icons Won [25]

[edit] Music Show Awards

Year Date Show Result Ref
2010 December 17 Music Bank “How Dare You” N/A
2011 September 11 Inkigayo “So Cool” [26]

[edit] Trivia

  • Fan Club: Fans of SISTAR are officially named as “STAR1’s”.[27]
  • Alternate Spelling:
    • Hyorin → Hyolyn
    • Soyu → Soyou
      • Hyorin

      Birth Name: 김효정 Kim Hyo Jung
      Stage Name: 효린 Hyo Rin
      Birth Year: 1991
      Height: 163cm (5’3”)
      Position: Leader
      Entertainment: Starship Entertainment

      • Bora

      Name: Bora
      Birthday: 90/01/30
      (January 30, 1990)
      Position: Rapper, Vocal

      • Soyou

      Real Name: Kang Ji Hyun (강지현)
      Stage Name: Soyou (소유)
      Nickname: Little Lee Mi Yeon
      Age: 19
      Birthdate: February 12th, 1992 (02/12/92)
      Height: 170cm (5’5″)
      SISTAR Position: Vocalist

      • DaSom

      Group Position : Maknae
      DOB : May 6th, 1993 (17)
      Height / Weight / Blood Type : – / – / A
      Specialty : –
      Debut : 2010 (through CECI Magazine April issue & with SISTAR’s debut single, Push Push)

    • Sumber dari : and

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