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{December 12, 2011}  

Swing Girls

‘D-cup’ girl group ‘Swing Girls’ prepares for debut this month

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Seonin, Baha, Eunyul, Jenny, and Aran.

One of the most bizarre concepts ever taken up by a girl group will be making its debut this month in the form of a ‘D-cup’ group named Swing Girls.

On August 19th, a five-member girl group averaging 170 cm in height and all owning D-cup breasts will be making their debut, ready to set ablaze the hearts of men.

The girls revealed, “We joined our company after we saw a notice saying they’re looking for tall singers. Once all of the members came together, we all averaged 170 cm in height, and all had D-cup breasts as well. We’ll be using that as our differentiating factor, and thus debut with our sexiness.”

With ’sexiness’ as their main weapon of choice, the girls boasted a variety of experiences, such as taking part in modeling competitions and even competing for a Miss Korea pageant.

Their point choreography will be one they named themselves called the ‘heartache dance’. The ladies are also playing up to the romantic fantasies of men with a ’stewardess look’ to capture their hearts.

Swing Girls said, “We were afraid we might look like we’re cosplaying, but we like the outfits. They’re both mature and sexy and leave us a lot of room to express ourselves on stage.”

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