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Origin Seoul, South Korea
Genres Ballad, Pop, R&B
Years active 2008–present
Labels Core Contents Media, Mnet Media (2008-present)
Associated acts SeeYa, T-ara
Lee Hae-Ri
Kang Min-Kyung

Davichi (Korean: 다비치) is a South Korean duet female group made up of Lee Hae-ri (이해리) and Kang Min-kyung (강민경, 姜珉耿). Davichi is derived from the Korean word “Dabichi” meaning the light to shine over the world. Debuting in 2008, they won various new artist awards, and released a mini-album in March 2009, with the lead single “8282” fast becoming a chart-topper.[1] In September 2011, Davichi’s song “Don’t Say Goodbye” from their new mini-album “Love Delight” peaked at number one on the Korean K-Pop Hot 100 billboard chart[2].



[edit] Members

  • Lee Hae-Ri Age: 26 (born February 14, 1985)
  • Kang Min-Kyung Age: 21 (born August 3, 1990)

[edit] Discography

[edit] Studio albums

Year Album information
2008 Amaranth

  • Label: Core Contents Media
Vivid Summer Edition (Amaranthre-release)

  • Released: July 7, 2008
  • Label: Core Contents Media

[edit] Mini albums

Year Album information
2009 Davichi In Wonderland

  • Released: 5 March 2009
  • Label: Core Contents Media
2010 Innocence

  • Released: 6 May 2010
  • Label: Core Contents Media
2011 Love Delight

  • Released: 29 August 2011
  • Label: Core Contents Media

[edit] Soundtracks

Year Album information
2009 “My Fair Lady O.S.T.”

  • Released: 19 August 2009
  • Label: SBSi
2009 “Female Generation/Forever Love”

  • Collaboration with SeeYa & T-ara
2010 “Wonder Women”

  • Collaboration with SeeYa & T-ara
2010 “Innocence”
2011 “Smile, Mom! O.S.T.”

  • One Person – Kang Min Kyung
  • Released: 11 March 2011
  • Label: SBSi

“Poseidon Part 3 O.S.T.”

  • Beloved Person – Lee Hae Ri
  • Released: 18 October 2011
  • Label: KBS2

[edit] Awards

Years Awards

[edit] Music programs

These are a collection of Davichi’s wins on Korea’s televised music shows. Inkigayo is aired on SBS, M! Countdown on Korean cable channel Mnet, and Music Bank on KBS.

[edit] Music Bank

Year Date Song
2008 July 18 Love and War
2009 March 20 8282
April 3
2011 October 7 Don’t Say Goodbye
October 14

[edit] Inkigayo

Year Date Song
2008 May 4 Sad Promise
August 17 Love and War
March 15 8282
March 22
September 18 Don’t Say Goodbye
October 2

Note: An artist may only win three times for one track in Inkigayo before they are taken off the ‘Take 7’ nominees list.

[edit] M! Countdown

Year Date Song
2008 July 21 Love and War
April 2 8282
April 30

Note: An artist may only win three times for one track in on M!Countdown before they are taken off the nominees list.

Member Profile

Name: Kang Minkyung

Birthday: August 3, 1990

Height: 167cm

Weight: 48kg

Family:Father,Mother,Older brother, Younger sister

Blood Type: O

Sign of the zodiac: Leo

Education: Sae-Hwa High School

Nickname: Go Bu Ki

Religion: Christian

Name: Lee Haeri

Birthday: February 14, 1985

Height: 166cm

Weight: 45kg

Family: Father,Mother,Younger sister

Blood Type: B

Sign of the Zodiac: Aquarius

Education: Music Classic School

Nickname: Hae Pa Ri

Religion: Christian

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