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Origin Seoul, South Korea
Genres K-pop, Dance
Occupations Singer
Years active 2001–2010 (Old Members) 2008-present (New members)
Labels Star Empire Entertainment,
Giza Studio (Japan, 2004-2005)
Baby J
Past members
Jung Yoo Jin
Jun Eun Mi
Lee Ji Hyun
Cho Min Ah
Park Jung Ah
Seo In Young

Jewelry (Korean: 쥬얼리) is a South Korean girl group. After releasing their first album with low sales, the group eventually rose to prominence via their second album and reached their commercial peak with their fourth album Superstar, which spawned a number-one hit for them. After branching out in Japan with only limited success, the group came back with two new members in 2008 with the hit song “One More Time”. As of 2010, they are the longest running Korean girl group ever, surpassing super-group Baby V.O.X.



[edit] History

[edit] Debut

Jewelry debuted in 2001 with their first album Discovery. After less-than-stellar sales of the first album, two of the singers were replaced. A year later, their second album, Again, was released, with much better results. Full of strong R&B ballads (as opposed to the sexy dance songs that were popular at that time), the album quickly yielded two high-charting singles — “Again” and “Tonight” — which started the group’s rise to popularity. This was quickly followed by their third album Beloved, which had a very cutesy theme. Their first single “니가 참 좋아” (“I Really Like You”) was very poppy and had Jewelry adopt a cutesy concept to match the song, with colorful outfits and perky dances. The title track, Be My Love, was also promoted. Even though album sales for Again and Beloved were great, the group was unhappy with their current image, and did not want to be known for only their cute and innocent songs.

[edit] Entry into Japan

After the success of their second album, Jewelry left for Japan to start on their career there in 2004 with their first single Kokoro ga Tomaranai under the independent label Giza Studio. After releasing a few materials there with mediocre sales, the group eventually left to return to their native country to release their fourth album.

[edit] Breakout album: Superstar

By the time their fourth album Superstar came out in the beginning of 2005, Jewelry has since shed their “cute image” concept. Following the trend in Korean pop, they became sexier and more womanly, which helped bring about their current level of success. The first single “Superstar” (written by Shinhwa member Lee Min Woo) was a driven rock song and surprisingly became a huge hit. They followed this up with the sexy R&B number “Passion”, which also charted strongly. Both of these singles prominently featured “sexy” member Seo In-Young dance scantily-clad in short solos, which brought the group much press attention (both positive and negative). In 2006, Jewelry took a break from the Korean music industry in order to focus on Japan. During that time, member Ji-Hyun left to pursue an acting career.[1] In early November, news also leaked out that another member, Cho Min-Ah, has also left, which forced their record company to look for a second replacement member. As Park Jung-Ah and Seo In-young had solo projects, a new album was not expected until mid-2007.[2]

[edit] Group reconfiguration, return

In early 2008, Jewelry returned to the music scene with their new members Baby J and Eunjung with the release of their fifth album, Kitchi Island. Released on February 20, 2008, the album featured the single “One More Time”, a cover of In-Grid‘s song, composed by Sannie Carlson (Whigfield). “One More Time” has mirrored the success of Jewelry’s 2005 hit single, “Superstar” in South Korea, reaching the No. 1 spot on MBC’s Music Core and KBS’s Music Bank, two weeks after the song’s debut.[3][4][5] The single has also achieve success online, topping the charts of various music websites, including Melon, Dosirak, Bugs Music,, Muz and Juke On.[6] “One More Time” became the most successful single of Jewelry to date, staying on the no.1 spot for 7 weeks in a row on MBC’s Music Core and KBS’s Music Bank.[7][8] In spring of 2008, a second single, “모두 다 쉿” (“Everybody Shh!“), was released and promoted.

The group was awarded with a Daesang (대상, a “Top Award”), for highest digital sales in 2008.[9]

[edit] 2009

In early 2009, members Baby J and Eunjung returned to the Korean music market, under the name “Jewelry S”, debuting as a sub-group. Their mini-album, Sweet Song was released in digital format on January 22, and the full single was made available on February 6. Baby J and Eunjung made their live comeback on M. Countdown on February 5, where they sang “들어봐” (“Listen”) and the lead single from their mini-album, “데이트” (“Date”). The music video for “Date” features cameo appearances from Jewelry members Park Jung Ah and Seo In Young.

They released a new single in June 2009 titled “Super Star” with the song “Rally” which features rapper Nassun. The song is for MNet’s talent competition, Superstar K, which is similar to American Idol and Britain’s Got Talent. A music video was also released and features the group’s performance of the song on Mnet’s M! Countdown as well as scenes of Superstar K.

About a week prior to the album release, the song “Strong Girl” was released as a digital single. Their 6th album Sophisticated was released on the 27th of August and features the single “Vari2ty”, the music video for the song was also released on the same day.

It was announced in December 2009 that members Seo In Young and Park Jung Ah would be leaving the group after completing promotional activities for Sophisticated and fully commit to their solo careers. Park stated that as an original member of Jewelry and being with the group for 10 years, it was time for her to depart. Korean media reports Superstar K top 10 contender Semi as highly likely to replace them.[10][11][12]

A repackaged edition of their 6th album entitled “End And..” was released on December 17, 2009 with the single “Love Story”. It was composed by the same producer of Davichi‘s hit song “Hate Though I Love You” and describes the feelings of Seo In Young and Park Jung Ah’s departures.

[edit] 2010–2011 Back It Up Album, Pass

On June 14, 2010, it was announced that Semi, one of the Top 10 finalists in Superstar K Season 1, would be joining Jewelry. On November 17, Star Empire Entertainment announced that they were planning on changing the group’s name but later announced on December 15 Jewelry would retain their group name and would not change it; they also announced the group’s comeback was delayed until January 2011.

On January 17, 2011, Jewelry released their comeback teaser with their new members. The teaser featured the group practicing their choreography and also had clips of the girls casually hanging out together. The group underwent a 180-degree change, shedding their cutesy image and changing into a more powerful ‘locking’ hip hop dance style and b-girls concept. It was revealed that the group would have their comeback release a digital single on January 27, 2011, entitled “Back It Up”, produced by Outsidaz. Two days later on January 19, 2011, it was revealed that Jewelry’s fourth member, Yewon, had joined Jewelry. Yewon was revealed by fans through a ‘Jewelry Puzzle Game’, which also revealed a 20-second teaser of “Back It Up”. It was known that Yewon was a trainee under Star Empire Entertainment for five years and was born in 1989.

On January 27, 2011, “Back It Up”, the digital single, was released. It was a 180-degree change of Jewelry, shedding their sexy image into a cute and more fun image. The single had a genre of swing and retro. The single reached a certain amount of success however it was not as successful as their previous single with the two members, Seo In Young and Park Jung Ah, One More Time which topped the charts for seven consecutive weeks. The band ended their promotions on the middle of March 2011 and had announced their upcoming comeback on mid May 2011.

On May 9, 2011, Jewelry’s label, Star Empire Entertainment, shared some old videos of Jewelry rehearsing various songs before they made their comeback in January with two new members. Then after sharing videos of them, Star Empire announced that Jewelry was set to come back the next week however they have not yet set an official comeback date for the group. Then two days later, the company released a photo teaser of the four members which had a fantasy “elf” inspires concept. Then on May 13, 2011 they released their second batch of teaser photos. Then two days after, they released their digital single “Pass”. The MV teaser was released a day after featuring Hwang Kwang Hee of boyband ZE:A.

[edit] Members

Jooyeon “Baby J”

  • Birth Name: Ha Jooyeon
  • Birthday: July 16, 1986
  • Position: Main Rapper, Main Dancer
  • Time With Band: 2008 to Present


  • Birth Name: Kim Eun Jung
  • Birthday: November 28, 1986
  • Position: Leader, Lead Vocalist
  • Time With Band: 2008 to Present


  • Birth Name: Kim Yewon
  • Birthday: December 5, 1989
  • Position: Main Vocalist
  • Time With Band: 2011 to Present


  • Birth Name: Park SeMi
  • Birthday: October 8, 1990
  • Position: Vocalist, Maknae
  • Time With Band: 2011 to Present

[edit] Former Members

Jung Ah

  • Birth Name: Park Jung Ah
  • Position: Leader, Lead Vocalist
  • Time With Band 2001-2010

In Young “Elly”

  • Birth Name: Seo In Young
  • Position: Main Vocalist
  • Time With Band 2002-2010


  • Birth Name: Cho Min-Ah
  • Position: Vocalist
  • Time With Band 2002-2006


  • Birth Name: Lee Jihyun
  • Position: Vocalist
  • Time With Band 2001-2006


  • Birth Name: Jung YooJin
  • Position: Vocalist
  • Time With Band 2001-2002


  • Birth Name: Jun EunMi
  • Position: Vocalist
  • Time With Band 2001-2002

[edit] Timeline

Term Year # Album Current Members Former Members
4 2011- 7th Eunjung Baby J Semi Yewon
3 2008—2010 6th Park Jung Ah Seo In Young
2 2002—2006 4th Lee Ji Hyun Cho Min Ah
1 2001 1st Jung Yoo Jin Jun Eun Mi

[edit] Discography

[edit] Korean albums

Year Information
2001 Discovery
2002 Again
2003 Beloved
2005 Superstar
Passion (Repackage)
2008 Kitchi Island
Kitchi Island 2 (Repackage)
2009 Sophisticated
End And… (Repackage)
2011 Back It Up Jewelry
Pass – Jewelry

[edit] Japanese albums

Year Information
2005 Jewelry First

  • Released: March 9, 2005
  • Peak position: 73[13]

[edit] Japanese singles

Year Title Release date Oricon peak
2004 “Mune Ippai no Kono Ai wo Dareyori Kimi ni” June 16, 2004 35
“Delight Sweet Life” August 25, 2004 49
2005 “Shiro no Fantasy” January 19, 2005 69
“Superstar” July 27, 2005 113

[edit] Awards

Years Awards
  • iTV Awards: New Generation Award (Best Rookie Award)
  • KmTV Music Awards: Best Rookie Award
  • KM Music Festival: Best Female Group
  • 14th Seoul Music Awards: Bonsang Award
  • 18th Golden Disk Awards: Best Music Video Director Award
  • KmTV Awards: Bonsang Award
  • SBS Music Awards: Bonsang Award
  • KBS Music Awards: Bonsang Award
  • 20th Model Awards: Best Dressed (Singer Category)
  • 10th Korean Entertainment Arts Awards: Best Female Singer

Park Jung-ah – Leader/Main Vocalist

Born: February 2, 1981
Nickname: Black chicken, Casper
Talents: Singing, playing instruments
Hobbies: Outdoor sports
Favorite Food: Everything except “stamina food”
Favorite Artist: Jaurim, Christina Aguilera, Mariah Carey

Lee Ji-hyun – Vocalist/Rap
Nickname: Ttoja
Talents: Japanese
Hobbies: Listening to music, shopping
Favorite Food: Everything except seafood
Favorite Artist: Brandy

Jo Min-ah – Vocalist

Born: June 23, 1984
Religion: Buddhist
Talents: Playing instruments

Suh In-young – Vocalist

Born: September 3, 1984
Religion: Buddhist
Talents: Singing
Hobbies: Shopping
Hobbies: Fencing

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