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{December 12, 2011}  

April Kiss

April Kiss (에이프릴키스)

April Kiss (Hangul: 에이프릴키스) is a new girl group from South Korea. They are under the Agency, Andy Bross. It is a bi-racial group and comprises of members Sumin, Coo.G, Haejeun, Sarah, Julie & Shiho.


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A new girl group have revealed that they’re going with a ‘2PM‘ twist. Averaging a height of 173 cm, this six-member girl group is called APRIL KISS and they claim to boast a performance style as impressive as 2PM’s.On September 1st, APRIL KISS, composed of six charismatic girls, made their debut on Mnet ‘M! Countdown‘ with their title song, “Hello Bus“, catching plenty of spotlight for their debut performance. They followed up the next day with a performance on KBS Music Bank, then wrapped up on Inkigayo last night.

APRIL KISS has been garnering much attention since their pre-debut days, back when they were hailed as ‘female 2PM‘. Composed of Soo Min, Kooji, Haejeun, Sara, Julie, and Seeho, APRIL KISS members are all experienced in different genres such as super model, CF model, and musical actress.


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Hide Shiho (시호)
Full Name : –
Stage Name : Shiho (시호)
Height : 175cm
Weight : 51kg
Birthday : 1986/01/05
School: KongJu National University – Department of Social Education
Skills: English

From 2008 until 2010, Shiho been doing modelling in Hong Kong

Source :
Credit : aprilkissbora@April Love

Hide Haejeun (해즌)
Full Name : –
Stage Name : Haejeun (해즌)
Height : 172cm
Weight : 47kg
Birthday: 1987/04/04
School: Dongduk University – Performance Arts Department – Modelling Major
Skills: Acting, Jazz dance, Lyrics

Source :
Credit : aprilkissbora@April Love

Hide Julie (줄리)
Full Name : –
Stage Name : Julie (줄리)
Height : 174cm
Weight : 50kg
Birthday : 1988/08/25
School: Eulji University Nursing Department
Skills: English, piano, acting

In 2006 she was a supermodel at Bonsang and in 2007~2010 she was modelling in HongKong

Source :
Credit : aprilkissbora@April Love

Hide Sumin (수민)
Full Name : –
Stage Name : Sumin (수민)
Height : 173cm
Weight : 48kg
Birthday : 1988/12/02
School: Dongduk University – Broadcasting Department
Skills: Jazz dance, Acting.

Source :
Credit : aprilkissbora@April Love

Hide Coo. G (쿠지)
Full Name : –
Stage Name : Coo. G (쿠지)
Height : 174cm
Weight : 53kg
Birthday : 1989/03/24
School: Sungkyunkwan University – Department of Arts – Acting Majors
Skills: Lyrics, Composing, Piano, Pulrut (Korean flute)

She was a supermodel in 2005

Source :
Credit : aprilkissbora@April Love

Hide Sara (사라)
Full Name : Sarah Eckhoff
Half blooded (Korean-Taiwanese-German parents)
Stage Name : Sarah (사라)
Height : 173cm
Weight : 51kg
Birthday : 1991/08/26
School: Assumption University Majoring Finance
Skills: English, German, Thai

She was a supermodel in 2008

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