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{December 11, 2011}  


Introducing Korean’s Boyband, PARAN

so now, introducing Paran…
Xiaobat says :
I have heard this boyband some time back when i bought an OST for a show, and they sang some tracks in it.. I was soooo attracted by their voice.. the 1st song that i heard was entitled Once.. In that song, i found their voices to be “powerful” and i dunno why, when hearing that song, i would feel tears “appearing” in my eyes.. hehe.. and when i heard their voices, i thought that this group of singers were quite old as there are very few young singers who would have such a powerful and great voice.
and today, while i wanted to find more information bout them on the net, i typed Paran in the seach engines, wiki.. and i gt alot of results which were deserts.. and so, it was so hard for me to find out more bout them. and i finally found out a little bit about them..
and to my shock, they were all sooo young, the total opposite of wat i had thought about them.
Paran is a 5 member boyband.. they supposingly debuted the same time as Super Junior, but were apparently overshadowed by them.. poor things.. ppl missed out on such a great boyband..
Worldwide Web says : &
The members are all teenagers, aged 15-23. They debuted last year, but were overshadowed by fellow boy band Super Junior, which debuted around the same time. Their first song is “첫사랑” (First Love), a cheesy pop song. Early in 2006, they followed that up with a very sweet ballad “습관처럼” (Habit). Both songs are going to melt the heart of young girls. Recently, Paran came back with their second album with a more mature image. The title song “다섯걸음” (Five Steps) has a strong dance beat which is a new style that we did not see them perform in their 1st album. The song hit our top 10, and became the group’s biggest hit so far. Paran may have an advantage over other groups when they are marketed overseas as all five members can speak fluent English.

Real Name: Joo Jong Hyuk
Birthday: October 19, 1983Neo
Real Name: Yang Seung Ho
Birthday: August 22, 1985

Real Name: Lee Soo In

Real Name: Choi Sung Wook
Birthday: February 11, 1987

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