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Supreme Team

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Supreme Team
Origin Seoul, South Korea
Genres Alternative hip hop
Years active 2007–present
Labels Amoeba Culture
Simon Dominic

Supreme Team (Korean: 슈프림팀) is a South Korean rap duo made up of Simon Dominic (사이먼 도미닉) and E-Sens (이센스). They officially debuted in 2009 with the mini-album Supreme Team Guide To Excellent Adventure‎.



[edit] Discography

[edit] Studio albums

  • Supremier

[edit] Mini albums

  • Supreme Team Guide To Excellent Adventure‎
  • Ames Room‎

[edit] Repackage

  • Spin Off

[edit] Digital Singles

  • Wae (왜) (ft. Yeong Jun from Browneyed Soul)
  • Shin Seung Hun 20th Anniversary With Supreme Team (신승훈)
  • 2010 MAMA Theme Song (테마송) (Junsu, 8eight, Narsha & Jea (B.E.G), Boohwal, Supreme Team)
  • Get Ready
  • 심장이 춤춘다 (ft. Sori)
  • Hommage to Quincy Jones

[edit] Awards


Member : E-Sens (real name: Kang Min-ho)
Date of birth : Feb. 9, 1987
Place of birth : Daegu

Member : Simon D (real name: Jeong Ki-seok)
Date of birth : Mar. 9, 1984
Place of birth: Busan

Sumber dari :,,, and


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