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Also known as Most Incredible Busters
Origin South Korea
Genres Hip-hop, Dance-pop, R&B
Years active 2011 (2011)–present
Labels Jungle Entertainment
Associated acts BEE
Website Official website
M.I.B (band)
Hangul 엠아이비
Revised Romanization Emaibi
McCune–Reischauer Emaibi
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M.I.B (Hangul: 엠아이비; known as Most Incredible Busters) is a four member South Korean hip hop quartet from Jungle Entertainment. Jungle Entertainment reported that 1.7 million (USD) was invested for the group’s debut album since 2009. The album was personally produced and four tracks were part of a solo spin-off to show each member can stand on their own.[1] Their self-titled album, Most Incredible Busters, released on October 25.[2][3][4][5][6]



[edit] Career

[edit] Pre-debut

As part of a spin-off style showcase, each member released the music video of their solo song. Starting with 5zic’s “Beautiful Day” on October 6 and ending with Kang Nam’s “Say My Name” on October 17.[7][8][9][10] Before their debut performance on M! Countdown, they performed at the Muse Live at Music Hall to showcase their album.[11]

[edit] Debut

On October 26, they made their debut on M! Countdown with the song “G.D.M” (Girls, Dreams, Money). [12][13][14][15][16]

[edit] Members


  • Birthname: Kim Han-gil (Hangul: 김한길)
  • Date of Birth: July 26, 1988 (1988-07-26) (age 23)
  • Position: Leader, Rapper


  • Birthname: Kim Gi-seok (Hangul: 김기석)
  • Date of Birth: February 14, 1990 (1990-02-14) (age 21)
  • Position: Rapper

  • Birthname: Sim Jong-su (Hangul: 심종수)
  • Date of Birth: February 27, 1991 (1991-02-27) (age 20)
  • Position: Rapper

Kang Nam

  • Birthname: Namekawa Yasuo (Hangul: 나메카와 야스오)
  • Date of Birth: March 23, 1987 (1987-03-23) (age 24)
  • Position: Singer

[edit] Discography

[edit] Studio Albums

Album Information Track Listing
Most Incredible Busters[17]

  1. Men Comin’
  2. 모두 다 뻔해
  3. G.D.M
  4. Complicated
  5. Beautiful Day (Feat. BEE)
  6. Do U Like Me
  7. Hands Up
  8. Say My Name
  9. Who Am I
  10. My Way
  11. Who’s Next

[edit] Singles

  • “Beautiful Day” – 5Zic featuring BEE
  • “Do U Like Me” – Cream
  • “Hands Up” – SIMS
  • “Say My Name” – Kang Nam

[edit] See also

[edit] Trivia

  • Formerly known as Mega Interesting Bastards before their debut.

Member profile

Kangnam M.I.B
Nama : Kangnam (Gangnam)
Nama Asli : namekawa Yasuo (warga Jepang).
Lahir : 23 Maret 1987 di Saint
Umur : 25 tahun
Gender : Male
Tinggi/Berat : 177cm / 64kg
Golongan Darah : A
Horoskop : Aries
Band : tokkitti
Hobi : menulis, surfing, snowboarding, olahraga, film
Keterampilan : Bahasa Inggris, gitar, piano
5Zic M.I.B
Nama : 5Zic (Leader)
Nama Asli : Kim Han Gil
Lahir : 26 Juli 1988
Umur : 24 tahun
Gender : Male
Tinggi / Berat : 178cm / 66kg
Golongan Darah : OHoroskop : Leo
Band : yongtti
Hobi : Musik, Lirik, olahraga
Keterampilan : Lyric, olahraga
Cream M.I.B
Nama : Cream
Nama Asli : Kim Kiseok
Lahir : 14 Februari 1990 di Saint
Umur : 21 tahun
Gender : Male
Tinggi/Berat : 177cm / 64kg
Golongan Darah : AB
Horoskop : Aquarius
Band : maltti
Hobi : musik, lirik,menonton film
Keterampilan : rap. beat Box
Nama : SIMS
Nama Asli : Sim Jongsu
Lahir : 27 Februari 1991 di Saint
Umur : 20 tahun
Gender: Male
Tinggi/Berat : 185.5cm / 75kg
Golongan Darah : A
Horoskop : Pisces
Band : yangtti
Hobi : lirik rap, menonton film
Spesialisasi : lirik rap

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