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N.Sonic Profile

N.Sonic is a South Korean quintet boy band. Formed by Loen Entertainment in 2011.
They release the first single album ‘We are Superboys’
This album make the energy by unique rhythm and strong sound.
“Super Boy” is composited by Jin-ryeol Bae who makes the “strong baby -bigbang” and “Rainism-Rain”.
N.Sonic is widely known as a good boy band having  good skills about dance, rap and singer.

J. Heart (Jaehwan)

177cm/ 63kg/ Blood type A

Birthday: March 4,1987

Hobbies: Exercising, Watching movies, Listening to music

Special Skill: To nag members

Leader, Main Vocal, Genius

Park Jonguk

179cm/62kg/Blood Type A

Birthday:February 26,1990

Hobbies: Shopping, Wrestling with his dog

Special skills: Acting, Chinese, Sleeptalking

Teen magazines and modelling activities

N:Sonic’s face and certified Good-looking/Pretty Boy


177cm/61kg/Blood Type A

Birthday: August 17,1989

Hobbies: Reading Manhwa (Korean comics), Listening to Music, Reading

Special skills: Piano, Hip-hop dance

N:Sonic’s bald member, N:sonic’s Shining star (별 means star)


 175cm/60kg/Blood Type A

Birthday: May 30,1989

Hobbies: English, Acting, Rap, Composing

Special skills: Dancing, Singing

N:Sonic’s Charisma

Black J

 176cm/63kg/Blood Type B

Birthday: October 9,1992

Hobbies: Exerce, Music, Dancing, Shopping, Talk behing member’s back

Special skills: Dance, Beatboxy, Football, Basketball, Listen to Jaehwan’s nagging

Nickname: Bbyong, Bongbong

N:sonic’s Maknae (youngest member)

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