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{December 11, 2011}  


2AM‘s Changmin and 8Eight’s Lee Hyun have been promoting their latest hit I Was Able To Eat Well as seen on this week’s episode of M! Countdown and Music Bank, and did an incredible job.

The boys are back on Music Core with their special project entitled Homme to sing I Was Able To Eat Well once again, displaying their powerful vocals and good looks while doing so.

Member profile

Name:Lee Changmin

Birthday: May 1, 1986

Position: Lead Vocal

Lee Hyun

The characteristic qualities of Korean top singers shows and from the inside he puts out his cool, sensitive voice with charming power.

Name; Lee Hyun
Hangul; 이현
Position in 8eight; Leader / Male vocalist
Birthday; November 8th, 1983
Length; 177 cm (5.8 ft)
Weight; 61 kg (134 lbs)
Likes; 비 (Rain), 세븐 (Se7en), 휘성 (WheeSung), 신화 (Shinhwa), 백지영 (Baek Ji Young), 임정희 (Lim Jung Hee), 노을 코러스 및 세션, Luther Vandross, Lee Moon Sae, Park Hyo Shin

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