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{December 11, 2011}  


Kyungrok & Hyujoon

V.O.S, “Voice of Soul” is a R&B group that made up of members Choi Hyun-joon, Park Ji-hun, and Kim Kyung-rok. The group debuted in 2004 under record company, Star Empire Entertainment. Before their actual debut, the threesome had spent alot of time together which results them to have such a good bonding and teamwork. Their solid vocals were certainly enough to move your soul.

Although V.O.S have released two albums, the group was still unrecognized by a majority of the public. The members had faced with the fact that they might not be destined for stardom. Thus, after the second album in 2005, the members have taken a break to do separate solo project. Choi Hyun Jun came out with a single called Nai Jen, a song duet with Lee Jin Sung (Monday Kiz) which has reached No. 1 spot on the M.Net Music Chart. Park Ji Heon, he started his own underground billards hall in front of his house called ” Everyday Billards” which most of the stars usually go to the shop. As for Kim Kyung Rok, he appeared in numerous shows like X-man, Star Golden Bell, Challenge 1000 song, Love Letter, Are You Ready and Young Stars Trot Song Contest to promote the group’s name.

In year 2007, V.O.S released a special single album and the title track called ” Everyday” has become very popular to most of the public, leading to the increasing of the number of fans. The members, easy-going and likeable personalities helped them to secure a spot in the hearts of the fans ranging widely in age.
The group garner a place at the top when they surprised their audiences with an outstanding live performances in both small and big concerts across the country. At last, V.O.S have the power to hold their first ever group concert set in early December. I hope they will continue to make use of their voices to move the souls to their listeners and bring goods songs to their fans.

Member V.O.S 


Name : Kim Kyungrok (Kyungrok).
Date of Birth : 4 Desember 1983.
Height : 179cm.
Weight : 67kg.
Blood type : B.
Last Education : International University of Korea (IUK), Master.
Hobbies: Playing pool, going for a drive, playing video games.
Favorite food: Korean food.
Favorite musicians: Park Hyo Shin, Westlife, Blue.


Name : Cho Hyun Joon (Hyunjoon).
Date of Birth : 7 Maret 1981
Height : 179cm.
Weight : 63kg.
Blood type : A.
Education : Myongji College, Practical Music.
Hobbies: Playing basketball, music, watching movies, playing piano, snowboarding.
Favorite foods: Samgyeopsal, pizza, sashimi, banana milk.
Favorite musicians: Joe, Eric Benet, Stevie Wonder.
Debut Album : V.O.S first album in 2004, “The Real”.
Solo debut: “My Angel” (single, 2007).

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