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{December 11, 2011}  


DNT (Dragon N Tiger) Profile + [Tracklist] *UPDATED

From the left: Taerang, Karin, Junyoung, Jungjo and Dongwook

Crazily pretty~
DNT (Dragon N Tiger), the korean 4-membered dance/ballad boyband.They debuted last year with ‘Special Digital Single-DNT and You’…They are from Orange Entertainment and are labeled to be very provacative group presenting a fusion of dance and ballad – but can these two mix?Well, see for yourself…
D (Dragon)-Rock the floor (dance)
T (Tiger)-Touch your soul (vocal)
D plus T, We must be..
Debut: August 12, 2008
Official Color: Chocolate
Official Fanclub Name: DAY (DNT and You)

Ermmm..their 2nd single which is ‘Crazily Pretty’ is quite popular last year and I like that song too..!!MV of the song is just nice..I like Joonyoung,the pony tail!! hahaha..I remembered him only..hehe..

But I loveee ‘The love in my heart’ song! Their vocals are awesome!!I like taegu’s voice!!hahaha..Their live performance and the last I think..I really miss them now..huaaaa!!~ Their voices..ahh..touched my soul… 🙂


I really really into this song!!

01. Crazily pretty
02. The love in my heart
03. To 18 girl
04. I Die..
Let’s meet the boys ^_^

Member : Moon Joon-young
Date of birth : Jul. 23, 1986
Height : 180cm
Weight : 60kg

Member : Park Byung-kyu / Taerang (vocalist)
Date Of Birth : February 11,1989
Height : 178cm
Weight : 65kg

Member : Dong Wook

Height : 175cm
Weight : 63kg

*If you didn’t know one dropped out because of Millitary duty, then they performed as a 4-member group for 2 years. Another dude Taegu recently left due to health problems then for their comeback on July 2010 with Knock-knock, they’ve added 2 new members Jungjo & Karin.

Birthday: 4 February, 1989
Height: 179 cm
Weight: 59 kg
Specialty: Japanese + Piano
Past Career: Former member of Japanese band ‘Karaku’

Jungjo (Magnae)

Full Name: 이정조 [ Lee Jung Jo ]
Birthdate: February 17, 1990
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