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Origin Seoul, South Korea
Genres Pop, synthpop, dance-pop
Years active 2008–present
Labels NH Media, KT Music (South Korea)
Avex Trax (Japan)
Past members
Alexander Lee Eusebio
Kim Kibum
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U-KISS (Korean: 유키스) is a South Korean boy band formed by NH Media in 2008. The members of the group are Soohyun, Eli, Kevin, Dongho, Kiseop, Hoon and AJ (both joining the group in 2011). Alexander and Kibum became former members, when their contracts were terminated in early 2011.

The group has released two full-length albums, five extended plays and various singles. Their first full length album, Only One, was released on February 3, 2010. The group released their second full-length album Neverland on September 1, 2011.

On May 2011, U-KISS formally signed under Avex Japan for their Japanese debut. They are now preparing for their formal debut into Japan, set for December 14th, with the release of their single ‘Tick Tack‘.[1]



[edit] History

[edit] Pre-debut and Debut

U-KISS was first formed as a six member boy-group in 2008. Kim Kibum and Kevin Woo were former members of the boy band Xing. Kim Kibum left the group in early 2007 while Kevin Woo left the group four months before the debut of U-KISS. The other five members were all individually selected by NH Media through auditions. U-KISS debuted in Japan on August 15, 2008 at the Power of Atamix 08. The group released their first mini album, New Generation, (N-Generation) on September 3, 2008, with the main track, “Not Young”. U-KISS later debuted in South Korea on August 28, 2008, with a performance of “Not Young” on Mnet‘s M! Countdown and a release of their first music video. In 2009, U-KISS has been considered for a 150 billion KRW worth collaboration-project between two nations, Japan and South Korea. It was revealed that a popular entertainment company, Yoshimoto Group in Japan invested 150 billion KRW to groom U-KISS to be an internationally-known group. The reason behind this is their quality as a group with multilingual members: Alexander can converse in seven languages –Spanish, Portuguese, Cantonese, Japanese, Mandarin, Korean and English; Eli is good in English, Korean and Mandarin; the maknae Dongho can articulate in Korean and Mandarin; Kevin in English while Kibum can speak Japanese.

[edit] All About U-KISS, New member and mini-albums

U-KISS released their second mini-album on February 11, 2009, called Bring It Back 2 Old School with its title song, “I Like You”. On the same day, a music video for I Like You was released with an old-school theme inspired by the 80’s.[2] They also performed their carrier single live in various music shows. U-KISS becomes sensation in Thailand pulling 5-days straight fan meetings in promotion with their album Bring It Back 2 Old School, they also won on an online voting in Thailand beating the Wonder Girls. After their promotional cycle for “Bring It Back 2 Old School“, U-KISS starred in their very first variety show, All About U-KISS.

In 2009, Kevin Woo joined Arirang‘s radio show Pops in Seoul hosting the ‘All About You’ segment alongside co-host Isak N Jiyeon. Shortly after, Alexander was invited to host the show too.[3] In April that same year, Eli also became an MC of MBC’s show, Fusion. In late 2009, U-KISS released a third mini-album titled ContiUkiss on November 5, 2009. Lee Kiseop, a new member, joined the group during the promotion of this mini-album with their carrier single, Man Man Ha Ni. This song is often known as U-KISS’ breakthrough song as it helped them to make their names known in the Korean entertainment industry.> U-KISS held their first fan meeting titled “Only 4 U” to celebrate their 500th days in the industry, that was sponsored by GomTV.

Lee Kiseop appeared in a variety show known as Uljjang Shidae 2 or Ulzzang Generation 2 (Pretty Boys and Girls Season 2) with fellow member Soo Hyun also guest starring in an episode. Dong Ho. the youngest of the group has made many appearances on many variety shows at the end of 2009, helping to promote U-KISS. Such shows include The Invincible Baseball Team and Idol Maknae Rebellion. Dongho is the most active member of the group and has been invited in many other shows. He has been thanked for helping the group to be more well-known.

Kevin and Alexander were featured in Brave Brother’s song, “Finally” wherein a music video for the track was released a few weeks after. Members Eli and Kibum also starred in the Thai drama Autumn’s Destiny. However, the drama was aired in Thailand only. As both Eli and Kibum could not speak Thai, their voices were dubbed. The drama aired its premiere episode on January 16, 2010.

[edit] 2010 Activities

[edit] First full-length album and Other Activities

On January 18, 2010, U-KISS formally opened their official fan club, KissMe with an official color of Pearl Pink.

Before the release of their first full-length album, television station MBC stated that U-KISS would star in a new variety show called U-KISS’ Vampire, which later premiered on January 22, 2010. In the show, the members moved into a dormitory that they stayed during the whole duration of filming. They were sorted into groups according to their blood types. Alexander, Kibum, Eli and Kevin were grouped into the Blood Type O group. Soo Hyun and Kiseop were grouped into the Blood Type A group while remaining member, Dongho, into the Blood Type B group. U-KISS Vampires aim was to reveal the true identities of each member according to their different blood types.

Their first full-length album, Only One, was released on February 3, 2010. The song “Without You,” the title track, was first released on January 27, 2010 as a digital single but later, their managing company decided that they would promote Bingeul Bingeul, in which it became another hit like its predecessor “Man Man Ha Ni“. Their full-length album, Only One topped Hanteo Charts, Hot Tracks, Syn-nara Records and Evan Records in just one day making it U-KISS greatest achievement to date. It became their highest chart-topping single in the Philippines which resulted in visits to the country with mall shows and a successful first concert. On April 15, 2010, shortly after their successful mall shows in the Philippines, U-KISS started promotions for their follow up song from their Only One album, titled “Mworago” (What). A music video was taped, and a teaser released, but remained unreleased to date, due to unknown reasons.

U-KISS also starred in their next reality-variety show titled Chef’s Kiss. In this variety show, the members opened a real restaurant which they named U-KISS Steak House. The seven members were split into teams and each week, they competed among themselves to decide which team would be chosen to cook in the restaurant that week. Chef’s Kiss aired its last episode on July 30, 2010 and was one of the highest-rated show.

[edit] U-KISS in Asian Cities and First Solo Concert

Premiere Entertainment Philippines Inc. (PEP) brought U-KISS to Manila for a series of special mall shows from March 26–28, 2010. The group visited SM North Edsa, SM Megamall and SM City Pampanga. This was in line with the promotion of their album Only One and the group’s solo concert in the Philippines in June.[4]

On June 19, 2010, Geneses Dream Entertainment brought U-KISS to Malaysia for a fan meeting held in Plenary Hall, Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. Later that year, U-KISS returned to Philippines and joined fellow Korean entertainer Rain as guests in his concert, titled “Intensity” in the Philippines at the SM Mall of Asia Concert Grounds on September 11, 2010. This was their third visit to Philippines.[5]

On November 30, 2010, U-KISS went to Mongolia to perform a special on Arirang’s music programm, M Wave concert.[6] It was held in Mongol Palace Ulaanbaatar. This concert celebrated the 20th anniversary of the friendship between Korea and Mongolia.[7][8][9]

Due to their success in the Philippines, U-KISS held a concert at the Araneta Coliseum in Manila, Philippines. The show was originally scheduled on May 29, 2010 but later postponed to June 14, 2010 due to some delays and problems regarding the venue. U-KISS arrived in Manila on June 13, 2010 and had several television guestings as they appeared in a Philippine Sunday Music Show Party Pilipinas and also participated in the celebration of Independence Day in the Philippines where they performed Bingeul Bingeul and Man Man Ha Ni.[10] They also appeared in a showbiz-oriented show, Showbiz Central under GMA Network to promote their group and their new album. The concert was titled U-KISS First Kiss Tour in Manila.[11] U-KISS is the second Korean group to stage a concert in Araneta Coliseum, the first being Super Junior.

On August 2, 2010, U-KISS member Alexander and Kevin were nominated once again to host Arirang’s M-Wave program in both Korean and English. On November 19, 2010, as part of their fourth mini-album, Break Time promotions, U-KISS visited Singapore to perform at The Kings of Freedom Concert held at the Bedok Reservoir Park.

U-Kiss successfully held their very first independent Japan concert on December 6, 2010 in Osaka with over 3,000 fans in attendance.[12]

[edit] Break Time: The Fourth Mini Album

Main article: Break Time

U-Kiss released their fourth mini-album, Break Time, on October 4, 2010, in South Korea. It included five new songs and instrumental versions of two of the new songs in the album. The album contained a 50-page photograph book and a photo card of either any of the seven members or one of the group. Three days after the release of the album, it topped the Hanteo charts. The teaser for the “Shut Up!!” music video was scheduled to be released on the afternoon of October 3, 2010. But it was later pushed back to October 4, 2010.

U-Kiss performed “Shut Up!!,” the title track of their mini-album, on Mnet’s M! Countdown on October 7, 2010. The full music video was released on October 7, 2010.[13]

[edit] 2011 Activities

[edit] U.S Debut, Dongho’s Acting Career, new members and others

Members Shin Dongho, Eli, and Ki Seop have been cast for MBC every1’s special new sitcom, titled ‘Real School’ which is 40-episode long sitcom series, for which they will play three high school students who board at an ‘English Village’ in an attempt to crack their fear of speaking English. Its pilot episode aired on January 10, 2011. Meanwhile, Dongho was cast to act in his ever first drama, Royal Family under MBC, as Jo Byung Joon. Dongho has also since played in several films, including The Villain & Widow and My Black Mini Dress.

In early 2011, the management announced that U-KISS was planning to debut in United States. The group recorded over 100 tracks to be sorted-out for their upcoming US album.[14] But news regarding this debut vanished as Alexander and Kibum reported to depart from the group. Alexander and Kibum left the band on February 23, 2011. A couple of days after the original members Alexander and Kibum left U-KISS, NH Media introduced two new members, Kim Jae Seop and Yeo Hoon Min.[15] Kim Jae Seop is also known as AJ and Yeo Hoon Min, as Hoon. Before debuting in U-KISS, AJ was a former member of the South Korean boyband Paran which was also under the management of NH Media. With the two new members, U-KISS made their comeback on March 30 with their new album, Bran New Kiss. They literally became an overnight sensation with the release of Bran New Kiss by placing first on many online music charts. A music video for their single, “0330” was released on the same day. The new U-KISS performed “0330” live, on the next day March 31 on M! Countdown.

In May 17, 2011 U-KISS, along with other groups, performed for KoreaTaiwan Friendship Concert held at the TICC Taiwan. The group performed their single Shut Up!.[16] The group also performed “0330” on the 2011’s Dream Concert on May 28, 2011. They also walked on the red carpet held at the same day on Seoul World Cup Stadium. The performance was televised on June 10, 2011.

On February 28, U-KISS began filming a movie with Jay Park, Kim Soo Ro and Park Ye Jin with a working title, Mr. Idol. This will be the group’s first movie and will be shown in theaters in August.

Dongho will also be starring in a 3D animation movie titled Hong Gil Dong 2084 as the voice of the lead character, Hong Gil Dong which will have its premiere on August 18. The production company stated “Dongho has a cute face with versatile talents[…] thus having a fanbase that consists of both younger and older generations[…] bold personality especially resembles the animation’s character, Hong Gil Dong”. It took 3 years to accomplish ‘Hong Gil Dong 2084,’ with costs reaching 36 billion won.

South Korea’s KBS program Music Bank held a live event at the Tokyo Dome on July 13 entitled “K-POP FESTIVAL: MUSIC BANK in TOKYO”. U-KISS was one of the 15 Korean groups who performed in the said event.[17][18] U-KISS is considered one of the busiest K-Pop boybands because of their engagement on various shows and concerts, also, the group is one of the 10 Koreans to perform at the Korean Music Wave 2011 which was held in Singapore on July 15.[19] U-KISS performed their hit singles Bingeul Bingeul, Man Man Ha Ni, 0330 and the first full performance of Everyday.[20] Aside from their performance, lead singer Kevin also act as an MC for the show.[21] The group also held a public fanmeeting on June 10 , 2011 at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

[edit] Japan debut and success

On December 10, 2010, they released a full Japanese album called First Kiss which was a compilation of all their songs from their debut album up until their Break Time album. First Kiss placed second on Oricon daily charts on the day of its release.

On May 2011, U-KISS formally signed under Avex Japan for their Japanese debut. They are soon to release the Japanese version of Bran New Kiss on August 24, 2011 while the group’s first ever Japanese album will be released in December of the same year. On June 7, U-KISS along with fellow K-Pop artists held a concert-for-a-cause dubbed as Seoul-Osaka Music of Heart 2011 to help victims of the Japan earthquake tragedy. From June 8, 2011, the group went to stay in Japan for 3 months to prepare for their official Japanese debut by which they are eyeing to set themselves on the Oricon Chart. U-KISS also performed for the KPOP Premium Concert on June 25, 2011 that was held Live at Zepp Fukuoka. On July 7, 2011 U-KISS appeared on “Radio Kyoto KBS”.[22] They also appeared on a weekly show, “Made in BS Japan” from June 15 to July 20 episodes.

They showed how powerful the hallyu wave is by garnering thousands of fans in Nagoya. According to NH Media and Avex Japan, 5,000 fans gathered in Nagoya for a fan meeting while 10,000 fans assembled in Tokyo.[23] U-KISS is set on another fan meeting in Osaka on the 30th and is expected as a sold-out show also.[24] They also received good reviews by appearing on a preview event of the movie My Black Mini Dress, which Dongho acted in. U-KISS maknae, Dongho act as a lead role for an upcoming movie Don’t Cry Mommy, and is expected to premiere soon in Japan.[23][25]

The Japanese version of their album, Bran New Kiss was released on August 24, 2010. It debuts at Rank #5 in the Oricon chart, while it climbs at Rank #3 on the following days.[26] Avex Japan also reported that the group will have their first Japan major concert in Osaka on 2012.

[edit] Return to Korea, Neverland: Second Full-length Album and Asia Tour

Main article: Neverland (U-KISS album)

U-KISS being busy with their Japanese promotions, they announced that they will be back in Korea on September with their second full album. The group will be working with the best sound engineers in Korea and Japan together with an American producer while using top-notch facilities in Osaka, Japan.[27] American producer and songwriter JD Relic (who wrote Neverland, Baby Don’t Cry, and Top that), hinted being in the studio with the guys of U-Kiss on May 25, 2011.[28] Representatives announced, “Composers from Korea, United States, and Japan […] in Japan right now to help the members with the recordings.”[24]

It’s been revealed that U-KISS will also be collaborating with fellow NH Media artist- Paran to be included in the album. The album will be released on September 1, 2011.[29] U-KISS released a teaser for their second full-length album entitled Neverland on August 25, while their promotional single, “Someday” was released on August 26, 2011. Meanwhile, the carrier single “Neverland” was released on September 1, 2011 along with album and a music video through M-Net.[30]

U-KISS has announced that they’ll be taking “Neverland” to six different countries in the coming month which grants Kissmes request from all over Asia.[31] The group recently received 15 invitations from different countries all over the world as a part of their promotions for “Neverland”.[31] U-KISS has decided therefore to set out on a 15,000 km journey across Asia, right in the middle of their promotions.[31] Starting with Malaysia on September 24, China on the 27th, and Taiwan on October 3.[31] They’ll still be attending music programs in Korea as well as several concert events in Changwon, Mokpo, and Gumi.[31] The tour then continues as they will also visit Thailand, while Philippines on the latter date of October will serve as the last stop for the tour.[31]

According to NH Media, the company plans to bring U-KISS to various cities in Asia to promote Bran New Kiss and Neverland (U-KISS album). U-KISS is supposed to be the first Korean Group to visit the island state of Brunei until it was postponed and then cancelled for an unknowned reason.[32] The group will also visited Taiwan for a special show dubbed as “Kiss U & Me Taiwan Fanmeeting” on November 19, 2011.[33][34] It was held inside the Chung-Cheng Hall at the National Taipei University of Technology.[34] This was organized by All Access Network Communication Co., Ltd., and Crown Communication Co., Ltd (全通網傳播有限公司、一冠傳播有限公司) and sponsored by NH Entertainment Media Agency, DBM Media and Starry Sky Media.[34] The group is also scheduled to visit Malaysia as part of their Asia tour.

U-KISS is also set to hold a concert in the North America region. Aside from that, they are also set to perform on various countries in Asia. According to NH Media, the boys will perform in United States, Canada, Japan, Thailand, China, Singapore and Philippines probably next year.[35]

[edit] Japanese album and Tick Tack

The boys of U-KISS have just wrapped up promotions for their second full-length album with a final performance on the November 6th episode of SBS Inkigayo.[1] They’re now actively preparing to make their formal debut into Japan on December 14th with the release of their single ‘Tick Tack‘, which was also written by JD Relic who wrote their previous single “Neverland”.[1] U-KISS participated in the Chinese-Korean Music Festival that took place in Beijing, China on the November 8 and have a few performances scheduled in Taiwan and Hong Kong.[1] Once they complete their Chinese promotions, they will be heading to Japan on the 22nd.[1] Their agency stated, “On top of having powerful dance performances and strong vocals, a few members are able to speak fluently in languages such as English, Chinese and Japanese, enabling them to quickly develop an international fan base.”[1] On November 18, 2011 Japan’s Fuji TV Network revealed a preview for the video, and it’s generated high levels of anticipation from fans.[36] On November 23, the full track leaked online, while the Full video leaked on December 5, 2011 but it was made private by the uploader after a while due to copyright claim. However the full music video, along with the digital single was released on December 6.[36][37] “Tick Tack” is a dance track with a heavy fast beat.[37] The promotional video is full of dark sets that shows off the different side of the group.[37] The boys are also dancing against the backdrop of an old, giant clock that matches the dark vibe of the music video accompanied with some slick dance moves and clock-inspired routine.[37] On November 21st, the maknae of the group, Dongho wrapped up a day of shooting on set when he felt sudden pain around his lower back area.[38] After going to the hospital, he discovered that he had cracked his tailbone.[38] The injury was treated, but he’s still feeling pain and was told he needed sufficient time to rest and recover.[38] The incident brought a wave of concern for the group’s promotions schedule, as they’re currently slated to make their Japanese debut.[38] On November 24th, NH Media stated, “We are working hard to make sure that the injury will not affect U-KISS’s Japanese promotions.” At this time, Dongho is said to be having difficulty performing the intense choreography set for their upcoming debut.[38]Two weeks prior to the official launch, U-KISS and Ukissticktack trended on Twitter worldwide.

[edit] Members

[edit] Current members

Soohyun (Shin Soohyun) (Hangul: 신수현) Born on March 11, 1989. Shin Soohyun is the newly appointed leader and main vocalist of the group. Previously, Soohyun was a trainee under JYP Entertainment and also a Good Entertainment trainee. He is the power vocalist of the group, as he is noted for his powerful singing style. He has two sisters, one older and one younger. His father passed away when he was in the second grade of Junior high school. His specialities are R&B, dancing, soccer, and piano.

Kiseop (Lee Kiseop) (Hangul:이기섭) Born on January 17, 1991. He is a vocalist and the main dancer of the group. Kiseop is known for being an Ulzzang Eoljjang ‘best face’ in Korea. His special ability is martial arts (Taekwondo), Beat boxing, dancing and acting. He loves photography and lists it as one of his hobbies. He is living with his parents and older sister who are all Buddhist. Kiseop joined U-KISS in 2009 with the release of Man Man Ha Ni, which made the group become a seven-membered group.

Eli (Kim Kyoung Jae) (Hangul: 김경재) Born on March 13, 1991. His English name is Ellison, which his nickname Eli derives from. He is the main rapper and vocalist of the group. Eli was born in Washington, D.C. and is fluent in English. He studied abroad in Beijing and can speak Mandarin fluently. His family consists of his parents, older sister, and younger sister. He is a Christian. His specialities are Taekwondo and Kung Fu.He is also a host in a tv show at arirang w/c is pops in seoul together w/ the other members Kevin Woo and Alexander Lee Eusebio.

AJ (Kim Jaeseop) (Hangul:김재섭) Born on June 4, 1991. He is better known as AJ, and is the second addition to the group after Alexander and Kibum‘s departure from the group. AJ is fluent in Korean and English as he went to an international school in Korea before. Formerly he was the youngest member of the group Paran. Due to the other members leaving for the army or pursuing solo activities, the group virtually disbanded, with no formal announcement. He currently goes to Columbia University. AJ is the lead rapper, vocalist, and dancer in U-KISS.

Hoon (Yeo Hoon Min) (Hangul:여훈민) Born on August 16, 1991. He is known as Hoon, and is the first addition to the group after Alexander and Kibum‘s departure from the group. He is one of the two lead vocalist. Before joining the group, Hoon had a solo career and previously released one album. He is currently attending Dong Guk University majoring in theater. Hoon is also a Taekwondo athlete, and briefly made a cameo in SBS‘s drama Athena as a bodyguard of President.

Kevin (Woo Sung Hyun) (Hangul:우성현), Born on November 25, 1991. Korean name: Woo Sunghyun (Hangul:우성현). Kevin is the other lead vocalist and the second main vocalist of the group. He was born in Danville, California, United States and is fluent in English. He attended Monte Vista High School. Before debuting with U-KISS in 2008, he debuted in 2006 with a rotational group called XING alongside his former group-mate Marumir otherwise known as Kibum until he left the group and joined U-KISS. Kevin is well known for his flexibility and ability to cover girl group dances. He was the host of Arirang TV‘s radio show Pops in Seoul with group-mates Eli and Alexander. His specialities are popping dance, guitar, and piano. He has one older sister, and he is a Christian.

Dongho (Shin Dongho) (Hangul: 신동호) Born on June 29, 1994. He’s the youngest member of the group. Dongho is the lead rapper, lead dancer, vocalist and maknae of the group. Dongho can communicate in Mandarin because he studied in Beijing, China at a young age. Currently Dongho is attending Hanrim Entertainment Arts School. Dongho is the most active member of the group, and participated in a number of projects such as acting in dramas and multiple variety shows. Because of his activities, the other members stated that Dongho is the one who makes U-KISS receive more popularity and are thankful to Dongho because of that. Recently, Dongho gained a lot of attention after his cameo in the movie “My Black Mini Dress” with Yoo In Na.

[edit] Past members

Alexander Lee Eusebio (Hangul:알렉산더) Born on July 29, 1988. Alexander was born in Hong Kong but grew up in Macau from multinational parents. His father is half Portuguese, half Chinese and his mother is Korean. Alexander is well known as an idol who can speak seven languages: Cantonese, English, Korean, Mandarin, Spanish, Portuguese, and Japanese. He is a Christian. He was formerly a rapper for the group.

Kibum (Hangul: 김기범) Born on December 29, 1990. Kibum was formerly a vocalist of the group. He left the group after his company terminated his contract. Kibum is famously known as being the younger brother of SS501‘s Kim Hyung Jun before debuting with U-KISS. Kibum, along with group-mate Kevin, was a member of the group XING. He used the stage name Marumir when he was in XING. One year after XING’s debut, Kibum decided to leave for a better future. Kibum is known for his cheerful and witty personality. Kibum can speak Korean, Japanese, and conversational English. Kibum will be debuting in Japan as a solo artist under the stage name, Allen.

[edit] Discography

[edit] Korean Discography

Studio Albums
Extended Plays
Soundtracks and other Singles
  • December 7, 2009: Finally (Brave Brothers ft. UKISS)
  • May 31, 2010: I Can Do It (Call of the Country OST part 2)
  • June 4, 2010: Hero Challenge(Kim Sooro, Yang Sangchul, U-Kiss)
  • February 8, 2011: Always (Real School OST)
  • February 8, 2011: Kiss Me (Real School OST)
  • February 23, 2011: Your Love(Hyeji ft. Alexander)
  • May 5, 2011: The Man With A Flower(ACE ft. Eli)
  • May 13, 2011: Man’s Love(No Gi Tae ft. Dongho)

[edit] Japanese Discography

Extended Plays

Single Albums
  • December 14, 2011: Tick Tack

[edit] Others

Live Albums
  • April 2, 2011: U-KISS 1st Kiss Tour in Manila DVD(Philippines only)[39]
  • April 29, 2011: U-KISS First Kiss Live in Tokyo and Osaka DVD(Japan only)
  • April 29, 2011: Seoul Train with U-KISS(Japan only)

[edit] Music Videos

Released date Video Length
September 13, 2008 Not Young 4:25
February 2, 2009 I Like You 4:14
November 9, 2009 Man Man Ha Ni 3:32
February 4, 2010 Bingeul Bingeul 3:24
October 7, 2010 Shut Up (Full Version) 3:14
October 7, 2010 Shut Up (Clean Version) 3:15
October 29, 2010 Shut Up (Full Version 2) 3:17
February 9, 2011 Always 3:49
March 30, 2011 0330 3:54
April 3, 2011 0330 (Drama Version) 3:54
September 1, 2011 Neverland 3:36
September 25, 2011 Neverland (Dance Version) 3:36
December 7, 2011 Tick Tack 3:42
January 17, 2012 Someday (in 3D)

[edit] Film and television career

[edit] Reality-Variety shows/ Films

Year Information
  • All About U-KISS
  • You Know U-KISS
  • Invincible Baseball Team (Dongho)
  • Invincible Baseball Team (Dongho)
  • UKISS Vampire
  • Chef’s Kiss
  • Raising Idol (Dongho)
  • Bouquet (as guests)
  • Idol Maknae Rebellion (Dongho)
  • Idol League (with ZE:A)
  • Mr. Idol (Film)
  • Made in BS Japan (variety)
  • Don’t Cry Mommy (Film) (Dongho)
  • Hong Gil Dong 2084 (Film) (Dongho)
  • My Black Mini Dress (Film) (Dongho)

[edit] Concert

Date Title Venue Country
June 14, 2010 First Kiss Tour in Manila Smart Araneta Coliseum Philippines[40]
December 6, 2010 First Kiss Live Zepp Osaka Japan[41] [42]
December 10, 2010 Zepp Tokyo
2012 Bring Me to Neverland LIVE! TBA Asia, North America[43]


Year Award
  • 5th Asia Song Festival: Rookie award in Asia[44]
  • [V] CHINESE TOP Awards Concert: Most Potential Overseas Idol Group
  • 11th Asia Song Festival: Most Influential Artist in Asia[45]

{INFO} U-Kiss Member Profile


Soo Hyun (수현)
Full Name: Shin Soo Hyun (신수현)
Blood Type: A
Birth Date: 1989.03.11 (Age 21)
Soohyun is the self-called “Power Vocalist” of the group. He was also formerly a member of Good Entertainment and JYP Entertainment.


Lee Ki Seop (이기섭)
Blood Type: A
Birth Date: 1991.01.17 (Age 19)
The newest member of U-Kiss, who joined in 2009. He is a former ulzzang and appeared on the second season of Uljjang Shidae.


Eli (일라이)
Korean Name: Kim Kyoung Jae (김경재)
Blood Type: O
Birth Date: 1991.03.13 (Age 19)
Was raised in Washington D.C. At the age of 15 he moved to Beijing to study for 3 years. Therefore, he is fluent in English and Mandarin. He is also known as a “pigeon” with his infamous pigeon imitations.


Kevin (케빈)

Korean Name: Woo Sung Hyun (우성현)
Blood Type: O
Birth Date: 1991.11.25 (Age 18)
Lived in San Francisco, California. Is also a former member of Xing like member Kibum. From living in America, he is also fluent in speaking English. He is also known to be the prettiest of the group.


Dong Ho(동호)
Full Name: Shin Dong Ho(신동호)
Blood Type: B
Birth Date: 1994.06.29 (Age 15)
The maknae of the group and spent most of his childhood in China, therefore he is fluent in Mandarin.


For more pictures, visit Soompi’s own Yeo Hoon Min gallery:

He also has webpages you can visit:
Naver cafe:
Pure & Love (EP) – 2009.09.09
Beginning (Digital Single) – 2010.05.07


Birthdate: 16th August, 1991 in the Gyeonggi Province
Weight: 65kg
Height: 180cm

Skills: taekwondo, snowboarding, wakeboarding, basketball, singing
Education: Went to Pyeongnae High School, now theater major at Dong Guk University

And follow is new member #2. AJ from Ex-boy group Paran. Paran was another NH Media’s boy band, in a way, they are U-KISS’ sunbaenim. AJ was known for his talents in rap and piano playing skills. He also have studied in the US, and can manage speaking in English.

AJ (ex. Paran)

Name: A.J. (Kim Jae Suhp)
Birthday: 1991. 06. 04
Height: 180 cm; Weight: 58 kg
School: Korea Kent Foreign School
Hobbies: Street Basketball
Talent: Rap
Debut Album: Paran 1st

Sumber dari :,,, and


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