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Kan Mi Youn

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Kan Mi-Youn
Born February 2, 1982 (1982-02-02) (age 29)
Origin South Korea
Genres K-pop
Occupations Singer, Model
Years active 1997–2006 (group)
2006–present (solo)
Labels Source Music
Associated acts Baby V.O.X
Website Source Music
Kan Mi Youn
Hangul 간미연
Revised Romanization Gan Mi-yeon
McCune–Reischauer Kan Miyŏn
This is a Korean name; the family name is Kan.

Kan Mi-Youn (Hangul: 간미연, Hanja: 簡美妍 born February 2, 1982) is a K-pop singer. Kan was the lead singer in the girl group Baby V.O.X[1] from 1997 to 2006. After the group’s breakup, Kan moved on to pursue a career as a solo singer.



[edit] Biography

[edit] 1997–2006: Baby V.O.X. Days

Main article: Baby V.O.X

Kan Mi Youn debuted in 1997 as a member of a K-pop girl group Baby V.O.X, replacing an ex-member (Cha Yu-mi) who was injured on stage during performance.[2] Kan was assigned the “princess” role in the group and known for her cute and comical traits. Kan was considered not only the main but also the best vocalist in the group, having the ability in hitting high notes.[3]

In 1999, the group’s Come Come Come album “Get Up” reached the number one spot on the Korean music pop charts and since then, the group released many hit albums which earned them a vast loyal fan base in Korea, China, Thailand and other Asian market.[4][5]

Although garnering a large fan base, Kan was a frequent target of anti-fans.[6] The most shocking incident was in 1999, when Kan was targeted for murder by a fan of the K-pop boy group H.O.T.[7] Kan was rumored to be dating H.O.T. member Moon Hee Joon which resulted in attracting many anti-fans. She received an envelope containing razor blades and a letter threatened to murder her.[8]

[edit] 2006: Establishing a Solo Music Career

In 2006, Kan decided to go solo when she signed on to a new record label, thus ending her 8 years of activities as a member of Baby V.O.X. With Kan departure, in March 2006, Baby V.O.X was officially disbanded.[9] Kan released her first solo album entitled Refreshing on September 15, 2006. The album was a reflection on what has been going through in her life, as a maturing woman.[10] Soon after, Kan decided to focus her music career in China, spending most of her time learning Mandarin and appearing on mainstream Chinese TV shows and music performances.[11][12]

[edit] 2007–2009: A Career in China

While focusing on the Chinese market, Kan Mi Youn reached a significant level of success in China.[13] One of Kan most notable feats in China was in 2007, where she won a famous mandarin singing competition, “名声大震”, with Chinese singer Anson Hu.[14] It was this feat that shot her into even more stardom, securing her as a successful artist in the Chinese market.[15][16]

In January 2008, Kan released a Chinese version of Refreshing album. Following the 2008 Sichuan earthquake, Kan together with various Asian artistes participated in the songs “Promise”[17] and “I Love Asia”,[18] a fund raising project spearheaded by Jackie Chan[19] for the support of the people in earthquake-hit areas.

[edit] 2010: Digital single: Going Crazy

On July 1, 2010, Kan Mi Youn finally made her full comeback after 3 years of absence from the Korean music scene. Despite the hiatus, Kan proved that she is still hot in the K-pop industry.[20] With her new short hair and sexy image,[21] the digital single entitled 미쳐가 (Going Crazy) feat. Mir of MBLAQ gained lots of attentions from the fans.[22] The music video released in GomTV and YouTube on June 30, featuring Lee Joon and Mir of MBLAQ hits 200,000 views, crowning it most viewed music video within a day.[23] On July 15, Kan officially launched her own fashion line named “Kanderella”, where she is the CEO of this online fashion store.[24]

[edit] 2011: WATCH & OBSESSION

On February 8, 2011, a 1:00 music video teaser for Kan Mi Youn’s new song, “Sunshine”, featuring Junsu of 2 pm was released. On February 9, 2011, an album cover, the full music video and song were released.[25][26] On February 14, 2011, a music video teaser for “Paparazzi” was released.[27] Two days later, jacket photos and the full music video were released, officially beginning Kan Mi Youn’s second solo-comeback.[28] On February 17, 2011, Kan Mi Youn’s first mini-album, ‘WATCH’, was released.[29] The following day, promotions for “Paparazzi” began on M! Countdown.[30] Kan Mi Youn experienced a boost in popularity with “Paparazzi” and even managed to make it into Inkigayo’s ‘Take 7’ for three consecutive weeks.

On September 26, 2011, a music video teaser for Kan’s new song, “Won’t Meet You”, was released. On September 28, 2011, the full-length music video to “Won’t Meet You” as well as her second mini-album ‘OBSESSION’ were released. Promotions for “Won’t Meet You” began on September 29, 2011, on M! Countdown.

[edit] Discography

[edit] Baby V.O.X Albums

Released Date Album
Sept,1998 Ya Ya Ya
July, 1999 Come Come Come
May, 2000 Why
April, 2001 Boyish Story
April, 2002 Special Album April
Oct, 2002 The First Concert In Seoul (VCD)
Mar, 2003 “Go” 1st Mini Album in Japan
April, 2003 Devotion
April, 2004 Ride West

[edit] Solo albums

Years Album
Sept, 2006 < Refreshing> (Korean)

  1. 어쩌라고
  2. 옛날여자
  3. 그 앤 너에게 반하지 않았어
  4. 눈물이 널 그려
  5. 하얀 눈이 내리면
  6. Go
  7. Kiss
  8. Don’t Touch
  9. 그 사람을 찾아주세요
  10. 그게 다야?
  11. 이별의 춤
  12. 옛날 여자 remix (가재발 remix)
Jan, 2008 <Refreshing> (Chinese)

  1. 女人心 (昔日女子中文版)
  2. Kiss (中文版)
  3. 何日君再来 (如何是好 Ballad 版)
  4. 昔日女子
  5. 如何是好
  6. 他没有看上你
  7. 眼泪刻画得你
  8. 下雪
  9. Go
  10. Kiss, Kiss
  11. Don’t Touch
  12. 帮我找到那个人
  13. 仅此而已
  14. 离别的舞
  15. 昔日女子
  16. 何日君再来 (如何是好 remix 版)
  17. 如何是好
Feb, 2011 <First Mini Album: Watch> (Korean)

  1. Sunshine (Duet. 2PM’s Junsu)
  2. Paparazzi (Feat. Eric)
  3. 바보같은 여자라 (Feat. 방탄소년단)
  4. 미쳐가 (Feat. Mir(Mblaq))
  5. Sunshine (Inst.)
  6. 파파라치 (Inst.)
  7. 미쳐가 (Inst.)
Sept, 2011 <Second Mini Album: OBSESSION> (Korean)

  1. Won’t Meet You
  2. Please
  3. Let It Snow (ft. Seojun)
  4. Won’t Meet You (Inst.)

[edit] Singles

Year Song Title Album
2003 Promise You, S’MAX feat. Kan Mi Youn S’MAX’s A S’MAX Birth!! (Korean)
시작 (Start), Park Ji Yoon feat. Kan Mi Youn, Mc Smily, 가루다 Park Ji Yoon’s Woo~Twenty One (Korean)
2004 Sweet Boy, WAWA feat. Kan Mi Youn WAWA’s Turning Point (EP) (Korean)
  1. 하얀 겨울 (White Winter), feat. No-eul
  2. 혼자만의 겨울 (Alone in Winter)
Kan Mi Youn’s Winter Single (Korean)
여우별 (Jinx), Kan Mi Youn version Sol’s All About Music & Sol (Korean)
Marry Me Get Karl! Oh Soo Jung OST (Korean)
사랑한단 말이야[당자Said] Bad Couple OST (Korean)
슬프지만 안녕 (I Feel Sad, but Goodbye) The Snow Queen OST (Korean)
기분 좋은 날 (I Feel Good), Banana Girl feat. Kan Mi Youn Banana Girl’s Chocolate Single (Korean)
2008 Growing of My Heart Detective Conan: Volume 6 OST (Korean)
陷入爱里面, with Yu Haoming Yu Haoming’s 如果,可以爱你 Digital Single (Chinese)
2009 사랑은… (Love Is), Woo Yun Suk feat. Kan Mi Youn Woo Yun Suk’s Love Virus Single (Korean)
陷入爱里面, with Yu Haoming Yu Haoming’s 拥抱 (EP) (Korean)
눈 내리는 마을 (Village, Where Snow Falls), with various artistes Snow Village Project (Korean)
너에게 약속하는 7가지 (To You, 7 kinds of Promise), with Tei 연∙애∙별(緣∙愛∙別) OST (Korean)
2010 미쳐가 (Going Crazy), feat. Mir and Lee Joon from MBLAQ Kan Mi Youn’s 미쳐가 Digital Single (Korean)
2011 Good Love, feat. Seo Jun Feeling Project No. 1 Digital Single (Korean)

[edit] Music videos

  • 2006: <옛날여자>
  • 2006: <Kiss>
  • 2007: <여우별>, with Sol (14 minutes music drama)
  • 2008: <如果,可以爱你>, with Yu Haoming
  • 2008: <陷入爱里面>, with Yu Haoming
  • 2008: <巴黎铁塔>, with Anson Hu
  • 2008: <너에게 약속하는 7가지>, with Tei
  • 2008: MSN“LOVE情”情场大片 with Yu Haoming
  • 2010: <미쳐가>(Going Crazy) feat. Mir and Lee Joon of MBLAQ
  • 2011: <Sunshine>, with Junsu of 2PM
  • 2011: <파파라치>(Paparazzi), with Kim Hyung Jun of SS501
  • 2011: <Good Love>
  • 2011: <안만나 (Won’t Meet You)>

[edit] Television Programs

  • 2006: MBC 레인보우 로망스 (MBC Nonstop 6, Rainbow Romance)
  • 2008: ETN 간미연의 트렌드섹션
  • 2010: QTV 여자만세

[edit] Awards

All Awards listed below are referenced from Source Music & Naver[31][32]

Years Awards
  • Sports Seoul Music Awards: New Artist Award
  • SBS Music Awards: Choice Award & Vocalist Award
  • KBS Music Awards: New Artist Award
  • 10th Seoul Music Awards: Best Singer Award
  • SBS Music Awards: Choice Award
  • KBS Music Awards: Choice Award
  • MBC Music Awards: Choice Award
  • KMTVMusic Awards: Choice Award
  • M-net Music Awards: Choice Award
  • 제1회 애견문화인의 상
  • 11th Seoul Music Awards: Most Popular Award
  • SBS Music Awards: Choice Award
  • KBS Music Awards: Choice Award
  • ITV Music Awards: Choice Award
  • MBC Music Awards: Choice Award
  • KBS Music Awards: Choice Award
  • 2001 Golden Disk Awards: Most Popular Award
  • Award Model Line: Best Dressed Singer
  • 2001연기SPORTS가요대상: 선행상
  • SBS Music Award: Most Popular Song Award
  • KBS Music Award: Choice Award
  • 2002 Golden Disk Awards: Choice Award
  • KMTV Music Awards: Hallyu Special Award
  • 13th Seoul Music Awards: Choice Award
  • KMA Korean Music Awards: Best Singer of the Year
  • 14th Seoul Music Awards: Choice Award
  • SBS Music Award: Choice Award
  • KBS Music Award: Choice Award
  • 2003 Golden Disk Awards: Choice Award
  • 2003연기SPORTS 가요대상:본상
  • 2006 International Audio Visual Exposition of China: Special Award
  • 2007 Chinese University Music Festival: Most Popular Foreign Singer
  • 2007 Chinese TV Singing Competition “名声大震”: Champion (with Anson Hu)
  • 2007 International Entertainment Online: Best Upcoming Korean Female Star
  • 7th Southeast 동남 경폭 Music Awards: Best International Artist Award

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