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DSP Media

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DSP Media
Industry Music & Entertainment
Genre K-pop
Headquarters Seoul, South Korea
Area served Asia
Products Music & Entertainment
Services Music & Entertainment agency
Website DSP Media official homepage

DSP Media, formerly known as DSP Entertainment is a South Korean entertainment company, headquartered in Seoul, South Korea. It’s successes included girl group Fin.K.L, who won a prestigious “Daesang”, or “Best Artist Award”, in 1999 and boy band Sechs Kies. The artists who were active in 2006 & 2007 were SS501 and May Bee.



[edit] Roster

[edit] Kara

Main article: Kara (band)

Kara started out as a four-member girl group with Park Gyuri, Han Seungyeon, Kim Sunghee and Nicole Jung that debuted in late March 2007. After only one album in 2007, however, DSP Entertainment announced that member Kim Sunghee would be leaving the group. Two new members, Kang Jiyoung and Goo Hara, joined the group in 2008. The group has had much success with various singles, including “Pretty Girl“, “Honey“, “Wanna“, “Mister”, “Lupin“, “Jumping” and “Step”.

[edit] Sunha

Sunha debuted on January 25, 2008 on KBS‘s Music Bank with her debut single “Chantey Chantey”. Sunha also acted on a drama titled Doctor Bong in 2006.

[edit] Rainbow

Main article: Rainbow (Korean band)

Rainbow is a 7 member girl group consisting of Jae Kyung, Seung A, No Eul, Yoon Hye, Woo Ri, Ji Sook, and Hyun Young. They debuted on November 14th, 2009 with the song “Gossip Girl”. The group gained a larger fan base through their new digital single ‘A’. They released a new song and music video in 2011 called “To me” and became even more popular.

[edit] Former

[edit] Sechskies

Main article: Sechskies

Sechskies (1997 to 2002) is a six-member boy band that consisted of Lee Jae Jin, Kang Sung Hoon, Eun Ji Won, Ko Ji Yong, Kim Jae Duc and Jang Su Won.

[edit] Fin.K.L.

Main article: Fin.K.L.

Fin.K.L. (1998 to 2002, 2005) is a four-member female idol group that consisted of Lee Hyori, Ock Joo Hyun, Lee Jin and Sung Yu Ri. Lee Hyori stayed with the management after Fin.K.L. disbanded, but left in November 2006 to join M-Net Entertainment.

[edit] Click-B

Main article: Click-B

Click-B (1999 to 2002) started out as a seven-member group but later turned into a four-member group and then into a 3-member group. The current members were Woo Yun Suk, Oh Jong Hyuk and Kim Sang Hyuk. Its former members were Ha Hyun Gon, Yoo Ho Suk (now known as Evan), No Min Hyuk and Kim Tae Hyung.

[edit] A’st1

A’st1, short for A-star-1 (pronounced “A-style”) was a 6-member boyband consisting of Park Jung Jin (leader), Azuma Tomoki (Tomo), Sung In Kyu, Ding Hai Ming, Byun Jang Moon, and Lim Han Byul. They debuted on April 24, 2008, with the song “ Back.”The group was made up of four Korean members (Jung Jin, In Kyu, Jang Moon, and Han Byul), one Japanese member (Tomo), and one Chinese member (Hai Ming). As of November 28, 2009, the group was disbanded. Former member Lim Han Byul, is currently a member of the ballad group Monday Kiz, as of the release of their album “Vol. 4 – ru;t”

[edit] May Bee

May Bee (메이비) (born September 25, 1979) is a solo singer who debuted on January 1, 2006 with her album Dasoh. Recently, she participated in MC Mong‘s third album where she sang a duet with MC Mong. She released a Korean version of Final Fantasy VIII theme song “Eyes on Me” in 2008.

[edit] SS501

Main article: SS501

SS501 is one of the most well known groups from DSP Media alongside FIN.K.L and KARA. They are a five-member boy band consisting of Kim Hyun Joong, Heo Young Saeng, Kim Kyu Jong, Park Jung Min and Kim Hyung Joon. They debuted in 2005 with their first single “경고 (Warning)”. In Korea, they only have one formal full length album released, S.T. 01 Now which means SS501 and Triple S are now forever united as one. The group released their new album on May 27, 2010 titled Destination, a mini-album consisting of songs that are produced by the Steven Lee, who also participated in their previous albums, U R Man and Rebirth. As their contracts with DSP ended, all five members have left the company in 2010 after finishing their “Love Ya” and “Let Me Be The One” promotions. Kim Hyun Joong has joined KeyEast (notable participants including Bae Yong Jun, Lee Ji Ah); Heo Young Saeng and Kim Kyu Jong has joined B2M Entertainment; Park Jung Min with CNR Media; and Kim Hyung Jun with S-Plus Entertainment. All five members have released their debut solo albums in 2011.

Despite going on their separate ways, Kim Hyung Joon confirmed in an interview with Sports World that the group will return even with the recent division into separate agencies and careers. He also stated that a future album from the group may possibly be released in 2011.[1]

[edit] Former Artists

  • Lee Hyori (Soloist)
  • Kim Sung Hee (former Kara member)
  • Shyne
  • Azuma Tomoki (former A’st1 member)
  • Ding Haiming (former A’st1 member)
  • Lim Hanbyul (former A’st1 member)
  • Kim Hyun Joong (SS501 member)
  • Park Jung Min (SS501 member)
  • Kim Hyung Jun (SS501 member)
  • Heo Young Saeng SS501 member)
  • Kim Kyu Jong (SS501 member)
  • Group “ZAM” 1992-3
  • Group “CO CO” 1993-5
  • Group “Mue” 1994-5
  • Group “IDOL” 1996
  • Group “Mountain” 1996
  • Kim Hyu Soo 1997
  • Uhm Ji Sun 2000

[edit] Former Notable Trainees

[edit] See also

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