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JYP Entertainment

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JYP Entertainment
JYP Entertainment Logo.jpg
Logo of JYP Entertainment
Type Private
Industry Popular music
Genre K-pop, hip-hop, ballad, dance, teen pop
Predecessor Tae-Hong
Founded November 1997
Founder(s) Park Jin-young
Headquarters Seoul, South Korea
Number of locations 3
Area served Worldwide
Key people Jeong Wook (CEO)
Services Music albums
Owner(s) Park Jin-young
Subsidiaries Big Hit Entertainment
J.Tune Entertainment
Website Official Website

JYP Entertainment is a Korean music record label, founded in South Korea in 1997 by Park Jin-young.



[edit] History

Park Jin-young founded the company in 1997 as “Tae-Hong Planning Corporation”, which eventually became “JYP Entertainment” in 2001.

The studio and headquarters of its US branch, JYP USA, officially opened in New York City in June 2007.[1] In October 2008, JYP Entertainment further expanded by opening the JYP Beijing Center as their China branch. The same year, CAA (Creative Artists Agency) included JYP Entertainment in its roster of high profile clientele.[citation needed]

The company is considered one of the biggest management companies in South Korea, along with S.M. Entertainment and YG Entertainment.[2] In an interview, Park stated that the success of his artists is due to him creating a “brand” for the artist.[3] It has been reported that the group is worth in excess of $100 million.[3]

In June 2009, it was officially announced that JYP Entertainment and the Jonas Group signed a management deal for the Wonder Girls. Wonder Girls joined the Jonas Brothers‘ World Tour 2009, in selected cities, as the opening act performing their two songs “Nobody” and “Tell Me“.[4]

In March 2010, KMP Holdings was established via a joint venture between JYP, S.M., YG, Star Empire, and other companies. KMP is the official distributor of releases from these companies. KMP stands for Korean Music Power.[5]

In December 2010, Park Jin-Young announced that J. Tune Entertainment would be merged with JYP Entertainment. Park Jin-Young (the contract with JYPE had expired in 2006) and miss A (managed by sub-label AQ Entertainment) signed the contract under J. Tune Entertainment.[6][7]

In 2011, JYP Entertainment partnered up with SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment, KeyEast, AMENT and Star J Entertainment to create United Asia Management in an effort to promote Korean pop music internationally.[8]

[edit] Locations

[edit] JYP Nation

JYP Nation is the project name used by JYP Entertainment for their artist compilation albums, similar to SM Town. It consists of current recording artists under the company.

[edit] Albums

Albums Release Dates
This Christmas December 1, 2010

[edit] Concerts

  • 2010 JYP Nation Team Play Concert
  • 2011 JYP Nation in Japan

[edit] Current Artists

[edit] JYP Roster

Park Jin-young, a CEO and owner of JYP Entertainment, in 2009.

[edit] Big Hit Entertainment Roster

[edit] J. Tune Entertainment Roster

Rain, founder of J. Tune Entertainment, in 2011.

[edit] Former Artists

[edit] Former notable trainees

[edit] See also

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