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Naraya Logo

Naraya is a company in Thailand that produces fabric bags and accessories. The company was started by Vassilios Lathouras and Wasna. R Lathouras on 6 October 1989, both continue as the company’s CEOs. The first year their profits were $10,000 US dollar with products only sold in Thailand. Eventually, Naraya grew in popularity with profits amounting to $7.5 million US dollars and an expanded product line of children’s and kitchen accessories being sold world-wide. It now has around 50 subsidiary companies.[citation needed]

[edit] Awards

Naraya has been honored with a long list awards including the 2000 Prime Minister’s Export Award for Distinguished Brand of the year, 2002 distinguished design award, the 2003 Minister’s Industry Award in the category of small and medium Enterprise Industrial Management, and has been named one of the top ten Thai Companies, It was also awarded the 2003 Super brands status by the England-based Super brands Organization.

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