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Etienne Aigner AG
Type Public
Industry Luxury Goods
Founded 1965
Headquarters Munich, Germany
Key people Ms Sybille Schön, CEO
Products High End Leather Goods
Parent Etienne Aigner
Website Aigner Munich

Etienne Aigner AG is a high fashion house based in Munich, Germany, that specializes in luxury goods such as handbags, luggage, belts, wallets, leather accessories and so on. It is named after its founder, Etienne Aigner (1904–2000).



[edit] Design

Etienne Aigner describes itself as a German brand with Italian soul, melding German precision with Tuscan tradition, with motives and monogram especially, deriving from equestrian themes as inspiration. The design of all female wear is undertaken by a subsidiary in Florence, leather goods as handbags, belts, wallets, leather accessoires, shoes and scarves are designed in Munich. With the “Antic Red” colour (signature colour) Aigner shows a homage to the Tuscan Chianti Classico.

[edit] History

Etienne Aigner was born in Ersekujvar, Hungary, in 1904 (now Nove Zamky, Slovak Republic). Aigner was first bookbinder and began shortly after the Second World War, in Paris, bespoke high-end leather goods for a variety of haute couture boutiques. Etienne Aigner established himself well in Paris designing handbags and belts for the European fashion elite, including Christian Dior himself.

Etienne’s older brother Lucien Aigner was a noted photographer of famous people, and argued to be the first paparazzo.

In 1950, in New York, he displayed his Antic Red leather open-pocket bag with angular processing. He also perfected the Aigner logo after his monogram, the “a” for Aigner shaped into a horseshoe.[1]

In 1959, Etienne Aigner opened his first showroom in Manhattan, New York to take advantage of the newly wealthy American clientele and jet-set.

In 1965 the “Aigner” brand and logo were registered as a license to business partner, a Mr Heiner H Rankl from Landsberg am Lech, as Aigner GmbH Munich.[1]

[edit] Timeline

  • 1972- Etienne Aigner SrI is founded in Italy and responsible for the entire leather production. Later expanded to include shoes and luggage.
  • 1973 Brand goes international and franchising system introduced
  • 1974 Fashion accessories such as silk scarves introduced
  • 1975 Aigner enters cosmetic market with a perfume
  • 1978 First fashion collection- casual dress for men and women
  • 1979 Aigner becomes a public limited company
  • 1982 Introduces “Treasure”-line watches and costume jewellery designed by
  • 1983 Goes public
  • 1987 License granted for Aigner eyewear
  • 1990 License granted for men’s and women’s apparel
  • 1991 Collaboration with Volkswagen for special Etienne Aigner Edition Golf Cabriolet, featuring logos and special fabric
  • 1994 Introduction of a new corporate identity
  • 2001 Aigner awards design of watches to pe.timedeign/Pforzheim
  • 2002 New flagship store opened in Munich
  • 2003 Aigner catwalk debut at Milano Moda Donna
  • 2003 large boutique in Terminal 2 of Munich Airport
  • 2004 “Sabatini SpA” awarded license for Aigner womenswear, “Nigura Metzler Optics International GmbH, Dusseldorf” wins license for glasses. Jewellery, watches and writing licensed to “pe.timedesign”. Male clothing is licensed to “Dressler Bekleidungswere Brinkmann GmbH & Co. KG” of Düsseldorf.
  • 2005 New shop systems “Champagne” realized in Dubai and Jakarta
  • 2006 Inauguration os sterling silver collection
  • 2008 Mr Udo Edling appointed global Creative Director


[edit] Distribution

The company’s products, are available in 49 countries globally and more than 438 retail stores.

[edit] Market Share

In Aigner’s Prospectus 2009, it was stated: 60% of all sales are from the external market, and 40% from German domestic market. Of these combined, sales included: leathergoods (including handbags, shoes, wallets) totalled 56%; apparel 23%; accessories 4%; jewellery writing & watches 5% and sunglasses 1% of total sales.[4]

[edit] Involvement in Equestrian World

In 1974, Etienne Aigner inaugurated the “Royal Ascot in Munich”: the 1974 Etienne Aigner Renntag (Race Day).

[edit] Patents

Etienne Aigner took out a series of patents to protect his innovative products. some include:

[edit] See also

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