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{November 29, 2011}  

My Story

Hello, my name is Fani, I am 19 years old, soon I was 20 years old, I’ll become an adult.I sometimes like I was crazy, if more joy, singing loudly and shouting, sometimes happy, sometimes sad, dear parents, dear old sister and dear young sister.I love both my cousin and dear nephew.I am very happy to lecture at Gunadarma, in Gunadarma, I have many friends, every home, I felt eager to get to campus.Each in the classroom, I was glad and happy because someone.Each came home, I felt like returning to campus.I wish I could drive a car, I’d love to have my own car, I would like to have the New Honda Jazz car in light blue.I want to drive my own car to campus.I am crazy sometimes and sometimes not, when I again listened to Korean music and see music videos I sometimes go sing and dance while dancing to the music videos that are on it, sometimes I just sing and sometimes I just dance to dance in music the video.I like all colors, but I most like the color blue.I love to swim, but these days rarely swim.I would love to swim, but do not have time to swim.I love to read comic books called The Black Butler.I love to read comics and novels.If the comics I read fast and when I read novels, ever so occasionally read novels, I like lazy to read it again.

I am very happy today, because today is the birthday of my young sister.I give a gift CD containing songs sung by Korean girlband girlband-korea, provide two pair of shoes, and teddy bears are very large brown, very soft fur, wearing a hat and bring a pillow to sleep.I ate a black forest bread and eat rice krecek sauce, taste delicious, just delicious.

I love his name as a Korean boyband and girlband, because they are very talented, great voice, and dancing with a very nice, they do not only with looks alone.I love that name at Jaejoong oppa, Yunho oppa, Micky Oppa, Oppa Woosang, Leeteuk oppa, oppa Kim Kibum, Kim Bum oppa, G-Dragon oppa, Oppa Seung Ri, TOP Oppa, Joon Oppa, Oppa Mir, Hong Ki Oppa , Minhwan Oppa, Nichkhun oppa, Oppa Juno, Key Oppa, Min Ho oppa, Taemin Oppa, Oppa Taefung, Haewoon Oppa, Yong Hwa Oppa, Min Hyuk oppa, Oppa L, Hoya oppa, oppa Gong Chan, No Wo Min oppa, Kevin oppa, Kim Kibum oppa, oppa Hyun Joong, Hyung Joon oppa, oppa Karam, June oppa Dong, Kwang Gi oppa, oppa Sol and many more.




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